Stand up comedy at your wedding reception? You must be joking!

Thanks to Michael McIntyre and his comedy road show stand up comedy is booming, and with that boom comes a new wedding trend – stand up comedy.

We spoke to musical comedian Jonny Awsum who is no stranger to going on after the speeches to find out more…

UWM: How did you get into performing at people’s weddings?

JA: I was booked to do a hen do in a Youth Hostel in deepest darkest Devon and we had such a good time that the bride asked me if I’d come to the actual wedding and perform for all their guests.  I did that wedding and another couple saw me there and booked me for theirs – before I knew it it had snowballed and I now have more and more going into the diary.

UWM: How does it compare to regular stand up comedy gigs?

JA: It can be more personal as everyone is there to celebrate the couple’s big day.  The mood is usually fantastic and the audience are totally in the right frame of mind to sit back and enjoy themselves – also a few glasses of champagne usually get the laughs going!

UWM: You’re a musical comedian, does that help at a wedding?

JA: Absolutely.  I often write a special bespoke song for the happy couple, taking in things about them and their family etc.  I work hard to make it funny but absolutely feel good and non offensive – the last thing you want is someone feeling uncomfortable – I usually kick off with the bespoke song and then move into my own material.

UWM: What’s the best thing about playing a wedding?

JA: People are usually really up for it, and I can normally get the whole place going.  I like to include things like sing-a-longs and I aim to get the whole room on their feet singing and dancing by the end of my set.  At the last wedding I did I had the bride up to accompany me – on triangle – she was a great sport and it really brought the house down!

Jonny Awsum