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Coming to America

We are thrilled, delighted, ecstatic and basically wetting ourselves with excitement! The day has finally arrived where we establish ourselves formally as a global brand!!

Today is THE day dear readers when we launch UWM US! For those who have been with us from the start in 2011 and we thank you! From our early days as a ‘Vogue’ style pocket print magazine to our full digital switch 3 years ago when we launched the world’s FIRST and ONLY INTERACTIVE wedding magazine. For our readers from Europe, Asia and beyond – we know you LOVE all the cool features in our magazines, we know that you LOVE that it’s free and on your mobile so where you go, we go (poor film reference, apologies).


Our readership has grown considerably over the past 3 years in the USA so we are just so so happy to be writing a UWM magazine just for you guys. It has all the same fun elements as the UK one so you can touch and play with us as much as you like!

We are also introducing new elements into our App so keep those eyes peeled for even more inspiration at the end of those fingertips!

America we salute you and love you! We hope you enjoy your very own slice of UWM, a veritable emporium of wedding wonders.

Download the latest issue from the App Store and Google Play, free to your phone or tablet. It’s packed full of exclusive content you won’t find on our website!

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