Saying Yes to the Plus Size Boutique

In the latest blog post from Rebecca Lord-Lyon from Edith & Winston Bridalwear, Rebecca shares why you should say yes to a Plus Size boutique. Enjoy!

“When you find ‘The One’ it’s the best feeling in the world,” said David Emanuel on a recent episode of Say Yes To The Dress UK.

Finding the perfect wedding dress is an important part of any bride’s wedding experience. But finding the perfect boutique is just as important.

This is especially important if you fall into the category of being a Plus Size Bride. The likelihood of a bride sized high street 16+ walking into a bridal boutique and finding a large range of gowns that she can try on is often unlikely. I’m not saying it’s impossible, as there are plenty of amazing boutiques out there that have a Curve section. But more often than not, brides will need to do a little bit of research and occasionally have to travel a little to find the perfect boutique.

Plus Size Boutiques are not old fashioned, as many carry mainstream designers but with samples above a size 18, much like we do with Ronald Joyce and Ivory & Co. These gowns are available to everyone sized 8+, but here at Edith & Winston our samples range in size from 18 to 26. Designers each season are creating new designs for a fuller figure that are no longer outdated or worse, old-fashioned and frumpy.

Bridal headpiece

So here are my top reasons why it’s worth investing your time to visit a specialist in Plus Size Bridalwear.

1. We understand what you are going through, the nerves and anticipation. We have felt it too! Many specialist boutiques are run by women who have been in your shoes – shopping for their own wedding dress. But we have also been working with many brides who have come before you, feeling the same way. You aren’t the first and you most certainly won’t be the last bride to arrive feeling scared about wedding dress shopping.

2. Our ranges are specially chosen. I have spent hours on one designer before, analysing everything from the height of the zip, to the line of the waist. Choosing the best dresses to be worn by a bride sized 16+. Not everyone has the same shape or wants the same type of gown and so we have lots of choice within our boutique.

3. Plus Size shops are for everyone to visit, regardless of size, because it’s an inclusive environment. So if you are on the lower end of the Plus Size scale, know that dresses have been chosen for you to try on as well. These gowns are just like the ones in the boutique you love but are in a size that you can try on.

Plus size bridal dresses

4. Body shaming is not allowed within a Plus Size specialist store. If you have had a bad experience somewhere else, don’t write off wedding dress shopping and order online. Find a boutique, tell them what happened and start afresh.

5. Dresses can be adapted to suit you and your needs. If you want to show off your amazing shoulders we will do it! If you want to cover up with a sleeve we can add it. If the dress can’t have the adaptions you need, the boutique will tell you and help find you a dress that can suit your requirements.

6. The gowns available are from the current collections.

7. Boutiques often will photograph their gowns on models who are Plus Size so that you can have a better understanding of fit and what it might look like on a bride with a fuller figure. It’s a way for the boutiques to really get to know a dress, but that also comes from seeing brides try it on in store. Have confidence in your sales assistant.

We really pride ourselves on our customer service, so I am here to talk to you on email, Facebook and by phone, if you have any questions. We love what we do, the brides we see and the wonderful moment when someone finds the dress of their dreams. We are a modern boutique taking on the world of Plus Size Bridalwear.

Edith & Winston Bridalwear are the 2015 Winners of the ‘Best Bridal Range’ Plus Size Award and a Finalist for ‘Best New Retailer’ in the 2016 Bridal Buyer Awards. Visit the website,