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Unique Hen Party Gift Idea

I came across the most beautiful, unique gift when I was up in Yorkshire earlier this year that I decided would be perfect to give to my friends at my hen party. It really evoked something in me and I thought it was so lovely that someone was able to capture such a universal emotion that we all feel at times.

As it was only a small token, I thought perhaps my friends wouldn’t have kept it but I just messaged them to ask if they still had it and if they had any pictures – I was so touched that they all still had the gift and were able to send me images.

For artistic creativity I am using the pictures sent to me by Rebecca Harwood (it’s also apt because she is the Events Manager at the stunning Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury – fabulous for weddings 😉 not only did she have the gift on her person at the time I text (!) she also bombarded my inbox with various photographic locations and layouts after my request for ‘a quick pic’

The present is a small pouch containing a few important things,the poem on the outside of the pouch reads:

Always Aim High 

‘We all have those days where we feel a bit blue,  

but this bag contains things to see you through.

An eraser to wipe out mistakes in one swipe,

a candle to light the gloomiest night,

money when you feel your backs to the wall, 

a marble to make sure you don’t lose them all,

string to stop everything falling apart

and a hug of warmth straight from the heart’

It completely captured how I feel about my friends and was a great way to show them that I cared. There were a few tears and hugs galore when I gave them their present, although this could have also been partly due to copious amounts of wine.

Sometimes it really is the small things that count.

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