7 Reasons to Say ‘Yes’ to Printable DIY Stationery

Catherine 30 smallHi, my name is Catherine and I’m the designer and owner of Vintage Loves Roses.  Vintage Loves Roses specialises in printed and printable wedding and occasion stationery that is stylish, quirky and with a vintage twist. Having just bought a flat, along with recently becoming engaged myself (off to choose the ring this weekend – eeeek) I have quickly become aware of where and how I spend my pennies. Especially when it comes to wedding planning! Therefore I thought I would let you know all the benefits to choosing printable stationery and how they can help your budget.

Printable stationery is now becoming a popular choice for brides and grooms who are budget – conscious, but also style-conscious. Printable stationery offers couples the chance of remaining style-savvy as the designs on offer are often the same as the printed ones, along with saving couples a few pennies too!

However I thought I’d point out some other reasons why choosing printable stationery is a pretty awesome idea.

    1. Saving you lots of money/cash/moola
      The most obvious advantage of printable stationery is the cost. I start from £10 for printable table numbers and go up to £25 for printable invitations (with matching RSVP’s and info cards thrown in too as an added bonus!). Many other stationery companies offer similar prices so it’s quite obvious that you’re saving a pretty penny! Allowing you to have customised stationery in a stylish design at a fraction of the price of printed stationery – ooooh bargain!


    1. Extra special accessories
      If you’re anything like me you like to give things a go yourself. I like to be ‘hands on’ and I love to while away a few hours trying to master a new craft. Whether I’m successful or not is a whole other story, but heck I love having a go! Printable stationery allows you to do just that, but with less risk of messing up your whole stationery for your wedding. Several brides of mine have ordered printable stationery and then added accessorises themselves at home. One bride-to-be ordered an A4 printable invitation and then rolled into a scroll and tied with a matching ribbon. Another bride-to-be ordered printable save the dates and then added her own handmade envelope liners – giving her invitations a sumptuous final touch. If you want to print on Kraft paper instead of white to give a rustic feel, then it’s possible, in fact why not invite your bridesmaids around for an evening of craft, with a few glasses of vino to help the DIY process!


    1. Your unique personal touches
      Just like adding accessorises, you’re still able to add personal touches to your printable stationery. I’ve amended my stationery for many of my couples, who would just like an extra flower adding here, or a colour change somewhere else and often many designers will do this for no added cost (check first though just in case). Wording is always customised so couples can have exactly what they would like on their stationery, making it totally unique and personal to each couple. Bespoke creations are also still available if you would like something creating that is totally unique to you, as a couple, or your theme. I’ve just finished a beautiful bespoke design based on all things Parisian for a couple who got engaged in Paris and are having a vintage inspired wedding theme. I have designed all their stationery range but they are then printing them at a local printer’s, helping their budget whilst giving them totally personalised stationery!


Catherine 25 small

    1. Super-duper fast turnaround
      Another fab bonus of buying printable goods is the turn-around time from payment to delivery. Quite often designers can have your final proof sent to you in a matter of 24-72 hours, and voila! Therefore you don’t have to panic if you’re planning on getting married in a short space of time. Or if you have overlooked the timing of ordering all your on-the-day stationery, your printable stationery can be in your inbox in a matter of hours/days just waiting for you to print!


    1. You can have it all!
      Many designers also offer their full range of stationery as printable goods, from Save the Date’s, Invitation and Menu’s right through to Thank You cards. So if you’re obsessed with everything matching then this can still happen and often designers (on Etsy for example) will offer a reduced price for ordering all stationery items in a set, meaning you save even more money! Bargain! Or if you’re like me and happy with a bit of mismatch you can order from different ranges or different designers with no hassle! Everyone’s a winner.Catherine 13 small


    1. The world’s your oyster
      If you’ve never searched for printable wedding stationery then you’re in for a surprise as there is every type of design/size/colour/style you could possibly dream of! So if you were thinking printed stationery was not your bag and losing hope you wouldn’t find a particular stationery collection that suits you as a couple then fear not! Type ‘printable wedding stationery’ into Google or go straight to Etsy and let your eyes be opened to the world of printable goods! There are not only printable goods for stationery but table signs for sweet buffets for example, or water bottle/wine labels, or cupcake wrappers – heck, the world is your oyster!


  1. International jet-setter, oh yeah baby!
    “Oh the invites, they’re marvellous you say? Yes, well they are from Hawaii”…yes, that could be you, fantasizing to be some international jet-setter, since buying printable goods means that you can have them sent to your email address from anywhere in the world! So if you like a style of invitation that is quite popular in America, for example, then there is nothing stopping you buying their printable version of a design and then feeling utterly smug that you also don’t need to pay delivery costs, since the PDF just gets sent to your inbox! Brucey bonus or what?!

So there you have it, 7 reasons to say ‘hell yes’ to printable stationery for your wedding day. Before I leave I wanted to give you some final tips:


  • Invest in good quality paper (220gsm at least, but please be careful if printing at home as thicker card may not feed through your printer, so check first)
  • Test your inkjet printer on heavy weight (i.e. thick) paper to see if you like your printer’s quality. Inkjets are recommended as they are reported to be the best of the home printers—laser printers often can’t handle thick paper and aren’t very good with matte paper.
  • Consider the cost of inks for your printer and whether it will still be economical to print at home.
  • Allocate time for printing – whether printing at home and then cutting your invitations to size or sending to a printers – find out how long it may take and make sure you factor it in.
  • Not very ‘crafty’ and don’t want the hassle of printing and cutting at home? Go to your local printers or online printers, allowing you to have a professional finish whilst making sure you still save some pennies!

If you’re not enamoured by any of the above and are still thinking,’ yeah but I’m not that creative’, or ‘yeah but I’m trying to do a thousand and one other things for my day’ then you could still opt for printed stationery, which guarantees a beautiful finish and a quality product every time – minus the hassle!

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