7 Ways To Lose Weight And Feel Great

I like cake as next as the next woman, if not more. Luckily I have a lot of self restraint and on the whole am pretty good with my exercise / food balance. I do Davina DVDs like a mad woman and to be honest I mention her so often I think I should get them for free from now on. Before my wedding I was more keen than normal to exercise and eat well but found it easy as it’s part of my routine – I know this isn’t the case for a lot of people. If you can’t think of anything worse at such a busy point in your life than having a complete over haul of your fitness lifestyle the below 7 tips will be your saving grace. I swear by them.

Jessica Knowles Dubai

(Yes that’s me. On holiday in Dubai – I worked hard, I’m going to show it off. I might even get a poster in a shopping centre Gok Wang style. OK lady perving time over, let’s get down to business.)

 7 Ways Lose Weight And Feel Great For Your Wedding

1 – Stop Drinking Calories – If you have sugar and milk in your tea, drink fizzy drinks, squash and fruit juice you are drinking a lot of calories. You will notice a different in your weight in a week if you cut out all this crap. Limit yourself to 1 small glass of fruit juice or squash a day and gradually wean yourself off sugar in your tea, the rest of the time it’s water (with a slice of lemon or lime) and tea or coffee but minus the sugar (and milk too would be even better!).

2 – Be Kind To Yourself – You want that cake you have it! Just don’t have it every day. In a seven day week I probably eat cake twice but I DO eat cake.

3 – Fill Up On Fibre – Losing weight won’t work if you are hungry all the time because you’ll cave and veg out. If you are eating the right amount of foods and stocking up on lots of veg you will satisfied NOT hungry.

4 – Kitchen Pickers Wear Big Knickers – Listen to your body are you really hungry? Or do you just fancy a snack because it’s a habit? If you must snack, snack wisely.

5 – Perfect Planning – Good eating habits start in the supermarket so plan ahead. If there isn’t a family pack of monster munch and a galaxy bar in the cupboard you won’t eat them will you.

6 – Take The Stairs – All the little things really add up. I have a friend who is model and doesn’t go to the gym – she walks EVERYWHERE. It’s not being active for simply 20 minutes a day that will take the weight off, it’s the little things you do throughout the day that add up but if you can do the 20 minutes too you’ll look really HAWT!

7 – Get A Tan – A tan does not mean ‘paint me mahogany’ it should be a healthy colour that suits you and makes you look glowing and slimmer. Slimmer in a day – fabulous bang for your buck !