Nick & Jessica Knowles Romantic Wedding Apartment

Close to the Spanish Steps in Rome hidden behind large but subtle gates is a romantic renaissance apartment that has to be seen to be believed. Residenza Napoleone III is named after Emperor Napoleon who used to live here. With it’s floor to ceiling windows, stunning roof terrace and oversized paintings; hiding everything from doors to televisions – it’s out of this world. My husband Nick stumbled upon it during an internet search and we decided it would be the perfect place to spend the lead up to our wedding and our wedding night itself. The apartment is breath-taking, luxurious and more romantic than we could have imagined. The floor to ceiling windows let in a lot of Italian sunshine which was perfect for wedding day makeup but more importantly great for people watching as there are large bay windows to sit in. No doubt we will continue to stay there for many, many years to come. My words can’t do justice to the beauty of it, so instead this blog is simply a feast for the eyes. Enjoy.

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  • Leanne

    Looks amazing, as do you in your dress!
    Would love to know what was going through your mind in the one pic – you look really pensive! x

  • What a gorgeous place. Beautiful portraits.