Sweet Dreams are made of this!

Planning your special day takes military precision! One thing you may like to consider is a Candy Buffet, becoming more and more popular. But where to start? Time to call in an expert, and no-one better in the industry than Sarah who owns Creative Candi. Sarah took some time out from her busy schedule to offer some sound advice! If you want to contact the Candy Girl herself, Sarah’s details are at the end of this post, just give her a tweet or email, and be assured you are in very safe hands! 


So what is a Candy Buffet and why would I want one ?

 A Candy Buffet isn’t just about the common term I hear, “sweets in a jar”!

Done right, a Candy Buffet is great way of evoking memories of your big day – a cacophony of colour, shapes, aroma, flavour and style.

We all remember our childhood sweet favourites, and why should your party be any different – from the bright-eyed children, the retro-hungry Mums and Dads, through to the traditional old-time favourites for Grandparents – everyone can be catered for, be it a Candy Buffet (which can also serve as a favour bar) or a Sweet Tree table-piece sparking that first table conversation amongst your guests.

A Candy Buffet isn’t a replacement for the traditional cake – it’s there to compliment and provide something unique – something for your guest to indulge – to take that experience away to remember.


So why don’t I just do it myself ?

Seems like an easy option at first glance doesn’t it – “sweets in a jar” ?

There are several good reasons why you might not want to go down the D-I-Y road:

On a practical level, the last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is delivering glassware, arranging tables and topping-up sweets at a remote venue.

If you want your sweets to be fresh, you will have to be running around in the days beforehand to source stock – and if making sweet-trees or favours this is a major time-consumer, not to mention an acquired skill.

I often hear cost mentioned as a DIY reason, but the reality of locating and acquiring not only the glassware and sundries, not to mention the sweet content, can be a false economy.

A good provider will have access to thousands of sweet varieties at wholesale prices – something often overlooked when buying in bulk, or trying to locate that elusive sweet to keep the future in-laws happy, or match a colour to flavour!

You will have to make a reasonable investment in glassware too  – a cost that you are almost certainly guaranteed not to recover in full.

There is also a more serious side – have you considered your guests might have allergies or would only eat Halal sweets due to their religion ? Are you insured if anything goes wrong ? Are you going to investigate contents and label the sweets accordingly ? Confectionary is after all subject to Health and Safety Laws.

On a more positive note, a professional provider can not only address the above, but can act as a sounding-board during consultation, advising on colour co-ordination to your wedding theme, quantities and styles, helping you to strike the balance between your vision and a stress-free delivery. After all, you wouldn’t call-in a photographer to bake the cake would you ?


How do I choose a good provider ?

In the bigger scheme of Wedding things, a Candy Buffet is a small financial investment, but choosing the right provider can be the difference between Pub or Palace, and it is important that you take a little time to choose your sweetie partnership.

Try to choose a vendor who specialises in this area, not a diversified business who sees it as a sideline, but someone who will collaborate with you prior to your event, and consider themselves privileged to have made your vision a reality .

All providers will of course profess to be great, so select one that has independently-verified references, a good portfolio of venues, return business, and a legal status.

In reading this, you will have no doubt thought about your favourite sweets, maybe even associated a moment in time with them – it is exactly this thought-evoking process that the Candy Buffet inspires ……….sweet dreams !

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Photography Credits: Outdoor buffet (Love Grows) Laura Babb from http://www.babbphoto.photoshelter.com

Little girl image (Pink) Fiona Jones from http://www.jonesandco.co

Glassware Juliet Mckee from http://www.julietmckeephotography.co.uk