Wedding Dress Workout – Look Gorgeous On Your Big Day

There are a few occasions in life where it becomes more important than normal to look really fricking gorgeous

1) Bumping into an ex

2) Meeting old friends for a reunion and,

3) most importantly – your wedding.

Let’s be honest, white is a tough colour to pull off and unless you’re Mariah Carey it’s unlikely that you normally have so many pairs of eyes on you at any one time – it’s a lot of pressure. Your wedding day is a defining day and you want to look back on it and think ‘I felt a million dollars’.

Exercise has always been part of my life, my mum is a fitness fanatic and I have done so many Davina McCall fitness DVDs over the years that a little part of me truly believes we are friends. I believe thats half the battle, wanting to exercise but I’m aware a lot of people find the idea of it totally unappealing. Many people put off exercising as they think they don’t have enough time so they will wait for a day when they have more time. Don’t wait until the last minute to start exercising for your wedding – you will have enough going on and even less time than usual the closer the date gets. However, the sooner exercise becomes part of your routine the easier you will find it to make time to exercise as the day draws near.

Exercise is great for managing stress as it’s you taking control of your mind and body for a set amount of time a few days a week and turning any worry into positive energy and a butt that J-Lo would be jealous of. Don’t wait for the right time, today is the right time. If you have a gym membership use it and if you don’t there are plenty of apps or DVDs you can use at home.

 2 Things You Can Do Today 

 8 Minute Abs 

I do this nearly every day – anyone that says they don’t have 8 minutes to spare in their day is lying. 8 Minute Abs is a youtube video so it’s free – there are also 8 minute thighs and 8 minute arms (but I prefer Davina for these exercises). It’s hard but it only lasts 8 minutes and you’ll love the results. If you truly have a day where you have no time to exercise you will still be able to find time for this. The cheesy American dude is hilarious ‘Let’s go gang, these exercises are safe and they are FUN’ .. I’ll know if you’ve done the video because you will understand that joke!

8 Minute Abs video

Davina McCall DVD

I have lost count of how many DVD’s she has released but go buy one – TODAY. I have yet to do her new one ‘Intense’ (I’m giving it a go today) but it looks pretty full on – I’d maybe start with one of the older ones. You can’t go wrong with either ‘High Energy Five’ or ‘Body Buff’ the cardio sections are great and the toning sections are broken down into 10 or 15 minutes max. I always get a great work out and they are really fun and addictive – even my friends who don’t enjoy exercising agree! It’s worth mentioning in advance – ALWAYS stretch after a Davina DVD. No pain – no gain when it comes to Davina but you will look hot!

Davina DVD Stockists


wedding day mobot

(Me doing the mobot on my wedding day in Rome, September 2012.)

So make some time to exercise and let me know how you get on! twitter @morejessicarose or

  • Leigh

    Jessica, you are so beautiful both inside and out.
    I love reading your stuff and think your blog is amazing. Your husband is a lucky man.

  • Leanne

    Totes agree
    If you are going to wear a strapless dress you CANNOT have bingo wings
    I worked out with weights & had an awesome physique for my dress – s houlders, arms & back
    Results were amazing
    Weights doesnt mean looking like popeye
    And, when i get back off honeymoon, yes, im sending this from barbados on the beach, my gym regime will continue!
    Happy beautiful brides xx