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The Brides First Steps to Heaven

It’s here! The year you prayed would come! The love of your life, and the event you hope to be a once in a life time experience never to forget. No one and nothing is going to wreak havoc on your day. Your mission to abolish all known enemies, and that includes the body from HELL! Yes all those couch days of loving your new-found love of sofa surfing, and now become a realisation, that you lost you focus on YOU. Now he has popped the Big question, your head is screaming for help. not only do you tell all your friends, but you also want to tell the world.

Your requirements have now grown behind the time scale available, wanting the best venue, dress and most importantly a new You! You cannot remember the last time you did a run or a fitness class, but all of a sudden you want to know how to tone every inch of your body for your special wedding day.

You start to imagine the dress, and how wonderful your photos will look, but then it hits you, the one brides dread! The wings form and it’s not the heavenly kind! No No! The bingo wings kind. You always talked with friends of how you would make sure it would never happen on your day, and now all of a sudden it’s here, it’s your turn. To be seen out of shape with sagging arms and chest areas. Never! After all, you know these areas are going to be the centre of attention on your big day, whether you like it or not. The endless photos and throwing of confetti to your wonderful family and friends, are all the pictures your wonderful photographer will want to capture for you to remember of you most memorable event to come.

Now this is the main reason brides become moody if not verging on anger management sessions. They go on a crazy frenzy! To crash diet, starve and even spot train their arms and tummies to death. the truth, spot training DOES NOT WORK! No one approach is the key to a successful YOU! None of these approaches, will achieve the results or happiness long-term, and this is where you will need to sit and decide if and how you will budget to make instant and carefully thought out plan, which allows for you to either hire a private fitness service or invest in some savvy fitness support from home buying a few sessions to educate you in training would be a good start for those on tight budgets, mainly working with a service to suit your need is, the other choice is simply joining a gym. In most cases the gym will be a turmoil event, stopping and starting, never turning up due to lack of enthusiasm after the first 2 weeks. I have known many brides be very unhappy close to their big day, due to losing confidence with their appearance.

What is most important, is to understand that the only way is to find a solution to suit your needs, and that must involve your groom, your happiness and most importantly a realistic time scale and budget. We all know weddings are never a cheap affair, but we hope it will only ever happen once in our life time. The key to a worry-free fit confident you, is to set the goal and stick to it. Abolish all sugar in the cupboards with enthusiasm and exhilarating passion for the changes to come and hit it with a demon focus. Write down a new list of healthy choices in snacks, choosing fruit instead of cakes and increasing you water to combat sugar cravings.

Your next step is to set aside ME DAYS 2 days in the plus one weekend day to total 3 days, these are what I call “Sweat to feel good factor” starting out with a basic cardio routine, for a glowing sweat, this will give you the motivation to move forward. Gather your bridesmaids, to attend your allocated days to feeling good, but don’t rely too much upon their appearance, remember its your BIG day, as much as they want you to feel and look great! They will not have the same drive and needs as you will. Your plan should be carefully thought out, realistic, and fun.

List the reasons why you may not do your routine, and list reasons as to why these excuses are not valid to interfere with you master plan for your BIG DAY! Cover at-least 20-30 mins of exercises, giving yourself options to cycle, fast-walk or interval jog. Intervals are short bursts of energy followed by a rest or recovery period, this can be anywhere between 10 sec’s to 30 sec’s just allow a period of rest that suits you to start with.

You also want to allocate a good 10 mins of stretching into your plan to allow recovery of muscle soreness, the benefits of stretching aid in this and also improve the tone and shape of your body, via lengthening of muscles. Once the body shape starts to improve, you will start to feel mentally revived, with the feeling of physical change and awareness, this can be anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on your past fitness experience. only then do you want to consider further additional exercises.

Lifting weights in order to boost your bodies metabolism is always a must, but I would suggest a body resistance routine before getting used to lifting resistance. Understanding your body and what your body can handle is very important in injury prevention, prior to loading your body further. Try starting with reverse lunges, standing with two feet together holding onto a chair or stick beside you, then stepping back to a stride length distance, then returning to the starting point. Allow a rest period between exercises, then continue with knee press-ups followed by standing and sitting in a chair for a period of 15- 30 secs and then a 15-30 sec’s rest phase between each set before repeating 2-3 times. Remember this is the start to a NEW! You not a temporary phase of enthusiasm, there is yet to be the further challenge of feeling tired and lonely on your journey, so slow and carefully is vital in maintaining focus to that body you dream to share with your friends, family and most importantly your groom.

Remember – You do NOT have to be an athlete spending hours to get in shape for the big day!.. make it a fun and enjoyable experience. For example, a running workout would look like this: 1 min walk, 1 min jog , as weeks pass the 1 min can develop to a 2 min walk 2 min jog. This is how many of my clients and running brides become enthusiasts and amateur charity marathon runners, with having never had any intention of ever doing so, shredding remarkable pounds in months. It’s tough on fat and rewarding in more ways than one so set a target and stick to it.

Thank you to Pauline from Younique for this blog. Look out for more blog posts by Pauline in the coming weeks!

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