Top Tips for choosing your wedding shoes

1. Comfort is the key

One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying your wedding shoes is comfort. Your wedding day will be a very long one spent mainly on your feet, from walking down the aisle, greeting guests, posing for photographs, cutting the cake, to standing up for toasts and even dancing the night away!!

Spending hours on your feet is difficult with even the most comfortable pair of shoes, so think about comfort. Practise walking in your shoes before your big day to break them in – and why not try dancing in them? Every night for a couple weeks before the wedding, put your shoes on for a little while. Wear them around the house or to run an errand or two. By the time your wedding day rolls around, they’ll feel like slippers.

Proper wedding shoes are specially designed with comfort in mind, and most of our collection of bridal shoes from “Perfect by VT” has additional padding exactly for this purpose.

2. Don’t leave them until last!

Many Brides often focus on the wedding dress and leave the shoes until the very last minute! Make sure you purchase your shoes before your first dress fitting, so the height of the hem can be made the perfect length.

Remember that if you are wearing a shorter wedding dress, your shoes will be on constant display, so make sure they are flattering.

3. Pick the right heel height

The majority of Brides will prefer to go for heels and it is important to pick the right heel height for you. We advise choosing a heel height that you’re comfortable with and are used to wearing. If you normally wear 4 inch heels, then why change this on your wedding day! You know you will be comfortable.

However, if you don’t normally wear very high heels, your wedding day is not the best day to pick to experiment! If you want a bit of height, but are not used to wearing stilettos, why not consider platform heels, or the lower, kitten heels?

And of course, if you prefer, flat satin ballet slippers make beautiful bridal shoes too.

However, regarding the height of your heels, you will also need to consider the height of your groom for your wedding photographs! While this is not an issue for many, some taller brides worry about being taller or close in height to their new husband on the wedding day, and if this is you consider lower heels or flats instead.


4. Fabric choices

Silk or Satin are traditionally the two most popular choices for wedding shoes. But of course, your wedding dress and personal taste should have the greatest impact on the shoes you choose. Matching your shoes to your wedding dress is an exciting part of the selection process. Think about whether you are wearing a silk, satin or lace dress and match your wedding shoes accordingly.

For part of the day you may only see the front of your shoe, however, you may be lifting the dress to walk or dance and your guests will then see the back part of your shoes. Going for some detail at the back can be interesting and eye-catching. If you’re wearing a non-traditional wedding dress, your shoes do not need to be traditional either.

5. Cost

Everyone is on a budget and getting a bargain is paramount, however with that in mind; think of your wedding dress and be prepared to pay from 10 – 15% of its value for your shoes. If your beautiful dress cost £500 your shoes should ideally cost you between £50 – £75. You certainly don’t want to undervalue your dress or buy cheap and uncomfortable shoes.

6. To dance or not to dance?

Are you having a boogie on your wedding day? If so, you may consider purchasing a pair of more comfortable flat ballet slippers to change into later on, so you can enjoy all the frivolity with your family and friends all night long.

7. White will vary in shade

There are several shades of white, so if your dress is white, make sure you get a swatch from your dress shop to compare the shade.

Silk shoes are traditionally more of an off white shade, because they are a natural fabric, whereas imported satin shoes are a very bright white with almost a blue hue to them.


8. Treat your feet

Remember to schedule in a lovely pedicure a couple of days before the big day. Slip your feet into your gorgeous wedding shoes with soft skin, neat cuticles and glossy, painted nails. Pampered feet will feel fresher and help to make you feel special.

9. Choose shoes compatible with your surroundings

Are your shoes suitable for your venue? Make sure the style of shoe you choose fits in with the overall style of your wedding. Open toe, strappy shoes can be perfect for a summer wedding, but in winter a closed toe pair of court shoes will look elegant and more appropriate.

For a wedding on grass, or on the beach, be aware that narrow heels will sink into the soft ground, so flat shoes or wedge heels will be far easier to walk in.

10. Choose shoes you love

Most importantly of all, choose a pair of wedding shoes that you love. They will always remind you of your special day, and just as with everything else you wear on your wedding day, they should make you feel fabulous.

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  • Leanne

    I spent a fortune on a beautiful Dune pair
    Then ditched them for comfort after the ceremony for a blinged up pair of white converse from sophie-mais delights
    My bridesmaids wore blinged up purple converse to match their dresses. They looked amazing

  • tony

    Thank you for all these tips. I will tell my fiance to read the article before she decides the shoes that she wants to use in our wedding days.