Footloose and fancy free! Choosing the right shoes for your big day


What Wedding Shoes Should I Wear?

There are so many factors to consider before you pick your wedding shoes, you might even think you’ve found the perfect pair, before realising that they don’t match your dress! Best thing to do is write down exactly what you’re looking for in your wedding shoes before you even set off shopping, otherwise you might end up accidently buying a pair which is both impractical and not suitable. Ask the following questions before you fall in love with any pair of shoes:


Are they practical?

This is the most important question, and it’s also the least fun question! However, it does need to be carefully considered. Think about this; if you get married at 12pm, your party might not end later until 1 in the morning, or even later if you’re a party animal! That’s 13 hours in your wedding shoes. If you were thinking of stilettos, now might be the time to reconsider. You could still wear shoes with a big heel for your ceremony if you want to, but make sure you pack some pretty flat shoes too for later in the night when you get uncomfortable.

Consider how your shoes will work with your dress too – strappy shoes with buckles might catch on the fabric of your dress, or shoes with laces might lead to you tripping up; and that could be a disaster if it happens whilst you’re walking down the aisle. Remember when considering your heel height to also think about your groom’s height! You might think those platform heels look great now, but when you’re standing in front of the alter towering above your husband to be, you might think differently.


Do they match?

If you have a traditional white wedding dress, and you pick a very brightly coloured shoe, you might find that the two items clash with each other, but adversely a pop of pastel colour will always work with a white wedding dress. Likewise if your dress is quite simple and elegant and you pick a platform shoe with a lot of embellishment you might struggle to make them work together. When picking the colour and style of your wedding shoes, always keep your dress in mind, because in the end, your dress is more important than your shoes. Besides, you can always buy plain dyeable wedding shoes and add shoe clips to create the perfect matching shoes!


What style?

There are a million different styles of shoes, ranging from monumental platform wedge shoes to delicate little ballet flats, and which style is right for you will firstly take into account what you are most comfortable in. Of course, flat styles are the most comfortable, but you might want to add a little elegance with a kitten heel. But then again, your wedding is the one day you can dress extravagantly, so maybe you would prefer traditional Victorian style lace up wedding boots or glitter covered strappy heels? There’s so much choice, and it will all depend on what you feel happy in. Your wedding day is once in a lifetime, so why not go all out and wear the shoes you’ve always dreamed about?

A big thank you to David who writes for Elegant Steps, he is passionate about everything to do with weddings! In his spare time when he’s not writing he likes photography and walking.