Gorgeous French Vintage styled shapewear! Oh La La!!

Scandale is a shapewear brand dating back to the 1930’s in its native France.  It has launched however in the UK and this beautiful collection combines the vintage designs of past decades, with the innovation of today’s fabrics and production.  But most importantly, it looks BEAUTIFUL!

The imagery below is from the two current collections – Sirene and Harmonie.  Sirene is wonderfully curvaceous and retro in White Swan especially for brides.  Harmonie is in Classic Pearl lace and is slightly lighter still with the same sculpting effects.  All pieces have great detailing such as touches of the brand’s signature scarlet on the underside of straps and little hidden French messages sewn inside the linings.

Scandale Harmonie No. 8 The Skirt
Scandale The Sirene Collection
Scandale Harmonie No. 6 Mid Waist Pants
Scandale No8 The Skirt ON-BODY-EXT_RGB
Scandale Harmonie No. 5 The Cami

All of these items are available in the UK via www.amazon.co.uk