How to look mighty fine with Mighty Fine! Five types of songs to avoid on your playlist

Musical taste is a very personal thing. Getting married is also a very personal thing, but it’s a unique situation in which you’re sharing something intimate with your friends and family. With that in mind, your wedding playlist can be tricky to navigate, as you’re balancing two extremely subjective and private experiences with entertaining an eclectic mix of your nearest and dearest!

It can be hard to narrow down the songs you want to play on your big day, and luckily we have expert wedding DJ, Mark van den Berg of Mighty Fine Entertainment, on hand to help rule out some of the types of music that don’t tend to go down as well. In no particular order, Mark gives us a rundown of…


The top five types of songs to avoid on your wedding playlist

  1. While expressing yourself is always important, it’s best to avoid anything with profanity-laden lyrics at a wedding. With such a diverse range of age groups and personality types, it’s very easy to offend more seasoned listeners or traumatise young ears. Gangsta rap may be your thing, but most weddings are PG occasions.
  2. There are many songs that sound like they should be romantic but after a proper listen to the lyrics it becomes apparent that their subject matter is totally inappropriate. For example, REM’s “The One I Love” is actually a bitter message to an ex. Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” is definitely a break up song. “Just the Two of Us” is meant for a father and son. Even The La’s epic “There She Goes” is about drug abuse.
  3. Have you ever been at a wedding where the vibe has been pretty consistent and then suddenly there’s an abrupt change in the tone of the music leaving everyone awkwardly standing on the dancefloor, unsure of what to do? Anything which is totally not in line with the rest of the playlist as can interrupt the flow of the evening and the party can quickly fall flat. A good DJ will guide you on choices and timings that will keep a steady vibe to the evening without slipping in the odd jarring song.
  4. Music which is so obscure that the majority of guests will not recognise or be able to dance to it is usually best avoided. Dancing doesn’t come easily to most, and many people feel self-conscious or have trouble letting loose on the dancefloor. If they recognise and enjoy the music being played, or would dance or sing along at home, they’re much more likely to shed their inhibitions and get off their seats.
  5. We all remember that infamous scene in Love Actually with the worst wedding DJ in the world. The clinching song was Puppy Love, and there’s a lesson to be learned from our friends in the film industry: avoid an excess of cheese on your wedding playlist. You may have been to plenty of weddings that left you wondering if the bride and groom would like some burger with their cheese, but a really good wedding DJ will stay away from cliché and start a party to remember.


About Mighty Fine Entertainment – Established in 2006 by internationally acclaimed DJ, Mark van den Berg (aka Mark Luvdup),  Mark – together with his team of hand-picked professional DJs, all of whom have more than 25 years’ experience – Mighty Fine Entertainment is the leading DJ hire and mobile disco provider in London and the South-East.

Mighty Fine Entertainment has won several prestigious awards including:

“Best Wedding DJs in the UK” at the 2013 Wedding Industry Awards, by past client vote.

Mark van den Berg (aka Mark Luvdup) has been voted one of the best 25 DJs in the world

Mighty Fine Entertainment incorporates a database of more than 100,000 songs from different musical genres and eras, stylish, neat and modern sound and lighting equipment, and a full event planning and management service. All equipment is fully insured and PAT tested

Mighty Fine Entertainment operates throughout Greater London and the South-East, including Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Kent, Essex and West Sussex. They are the recommended/preferred supplier at a number of prestigious venues including The Olde Bell, Stoke Place, The Zetter, The Mandarin Oriental, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, Lincoln’s Inn, Andaz Liverpool Street and Dyrham Park among many others.


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  • Some excellent tips there, from a great DJ who we have had the pleasure of seeing in action.

  • I’d agree with most of that piece, except for “5 …avoid an excess of cheese on your wedding playlist”.

    I often see wedding lists where the Bride has written the phrase “no cheese” in capitals.

    What is “cheese”? …I’d say it is popular music that people like to dance and be silly to when they’ve had a glass of champagne with their friends and family.

    Sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in daylight several weeks before the big event you’d feel embarrassed to write down the titles you’ll go crazy for at the wedding when the atmosphere is buzzing.

    There are wedding music lists I find frustrating, ones where the Bride and Bridegroom want to be super cool, and those which are made up from an iPod playlist that sounds great in the car or on a Sunday morning at home. The first type of list is going to be so “cool” none of the guests will recognise anything, the second will be so laid back nobody will leave their seats or the bar.

    My favourite lists feature about 5 or 6 “must play” tracks and a note saying “we booked you, because you know what works and when to play it”. Lists with “do not play” can ruin the flow of an evening, it’s bit like asking a plumber to fix your boiler and telling him you don’t want him to use specific spanners!

    Guy Stevens

  • Mark, the infamous scene mate was in ‘Four Weddings & a Funeral’, not Love Actually 😉
    Apart from that. another great piece of advice for all prospective Bride & Grooms.

    Simon Pridmore

  • I absolutely agree with Guy

  • Nice article Mark. Simon I think you will find that the infamous Puppy Love Dj was from Love Actually.