Welcoming the Grooms View

I must admit that when I agreed to Blog for Ultimate Wedding Magazine I did think it was going to be a breeze. We already have our own award winning Blog – yet on a very different subject . . .  . dogs! However, despite this it’s been a pretty difficult “where to begin” question.

I wanted to try & bring you a ‘Grooms View’ of a wedding, right from the proposal all the way through to our honeymoon – as well as trying to help out any grooms who may be struggling with their proposal or being dragged from pillar to post to wedding shows, wedding fairs & open days.

It will also give regular readers of our award winning PDDogBlog a bit of an insight into our ‘non dog’ lives too!

I do like to think that I’m a bit of a lad’s lad – I train dogs, enjoy going out with my friends & love my football, despite this I also love chilling at our favourite Spa resort – so hopefully the Blog will reach out to many men (& women) who are embarking upon their own journey of marriage.

Both Sarah & I have extrememly busy lives, I can’t operate at anything less than 100 miles an hour, whilst Sarah is an Intesive Care nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Very often we’re like ships passing in the night, so it’s vital that all of our wedding preparations are as nailed down & organised as soon as possible.

The same could be said about the proposal. I must admit, I do have a bit of an OCD with planning – I need to know exactly what, where & when things are happening.

For my 30th birthday we spent a few weeks in Thailand & took in a number of the famous sights of the Middle & Far East during our trip. We’d got lots of things planned & organised; one of which was my surprise proposal to Sarah on Valentines Day (which she knew nothing about).

Valentines Day Boat House

Sarah & I both met on Valentines Day through a very special mutual friend, so the day has always been a little extra special for us. So I decided that I would propose on Valentines Day whilst we were out in Thailand.

Right at the very beggining of your ‘wedding journey’ comes a whole host of do’s & don’ts from all kinds of sources. Some people say you shouldn’t buy an engagement ring as a surprise, then there’s the tradition of asking for permission from the bride’s parents. So there are lots of things to prepare & ‘rules’ you need to think about.

The best bit of advice I could give to anyone would be that you just really need to go with the flow. I chose to buy Sarah’s engagement ring and ask her father for his consent, but I certainly wouldn’t say you HAVE to do one thing or another. Go with what feels the most natural & in fitting with you & your families.

There’s nothing worse than being under prepared so right from the very start I had to work on putting all of the ‘proposal’ compenents together, from asking Sarah’s father through to buying her engagement ring & getting it out to Thailand without her knowing.

The whole proposal preparation needed lots of people’s help both in the UK & in the Far East – however through careful planning & a little bit of help from some wonderful people in Thailand the proposal went well & we began our very own wedding journey . . . .

Boat House Table

I’ll bring you updates on our very own wedding journey – all from the ‘Grooms View’