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Come on baby, light my fire!

Ribs baby!

We find ourselves in a culture of eating on the move, usually something revolving bread, we’re bored of that! After the summer sun, carrying on the party with Jack and BabyBackShack bringing their lip smacking, face covering ribs to you! Their fall off the bone juicy meaty ribs are perfect for your party (except if your veggie, sorry, they cant help).

First they smoke them, then they grill em, in front of you and your guests, not hidden in the back. The chefs get involved and enjoy the party with you out front. it gives the freedom to grab straight off the grill when they are cooked to perfection and melt in your mouth. Have 1, have 20, nobodies watching! although you will need wet wipes, don’t worry they provide them too!

Baby Back Ribs
If you fancy some catering out of the norm, and love meat, check out and jack can help plan your feast.

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