Planning An Unforgettable Hen Do

So you have to organise a hen do? It may seem like a daunting task, but don’t panic! With a few simple hints you can organise a wonderful hen do that will be remembered for years to come – without resorting to a party planner.

Jessica from Chillisauce (that specialise in organising hen dos) is on hand to lend some advice to hen groups to get you through the planning process. An excellent resource for your other half is I Am Staggered to help guys organise unforgettable stag weekends:

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Consider the bride

First of all, think of the bride. What would she do to celebrate her last days of freedom? These days, there are so many options for a hen do. Spa days, adventure weekends, short city breaks or the classic night on the town are all possible choices. But the hen do has to suit the bride, so choose something she will enjoy. You can opt for something out of the ordinary, or stick close to home and throw a party. Whatever you decide, running it pass the bride and guests is important.



After deciding on the general activities of the hen do, it’s time to talk money. Consider how much everyone invited will be able to afford for weekends away or expensive hotels, and plan according to this. Consider opening an account for everyone to contribute to before the weekend for hotels or other expenses so you can be sure the activity will be paid for with the least hassle. Once you know how much you have to spend, you can decide on any extras you might be able to afford.



With budget in mind, research destinations, activities, bars, clubs and hotels. Using review sites is a great idea so you don’t end up in a dingy bar and disappoint the attendees (unless the bride would enjoy that of course). Looking at lots of photos of venues, activities, things to do in the area and all aspects of the hen will help to create a picture of what the night will be like. Research will make sure you choose somewhere affordable and with plenty to do.


Action plan

With your list of possible locations, draw up a plan for the weekend. Work out time for: travel, relaxation, getting ready, eating, activities and hungover mornings (if applicable). Don’t pack the time too full of activities. People need time to decompress and it will be less stressful for you as the organiser if there is less time pressure. Remember that not all of the hens may know each other, so it is a good idea to organise an ice-breaking activity at the start of the hen do.

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With the plan drawn up, it’s time to let everyone involved know what’s going on. Make sure that everyone knows all the important dates, meeting times and contact numbers. Give as much notice as possible and be prepared to deal with any confusion. Make sure you get a reply from all the hens confirming their attendance and their understanding of the plans – just in case!


Make any bookings that you need to well in advance, and call a few days before the event to check they definitely have your reservation.  Make copies of anything you are booking.


Be organised

While you are doing all of this planning, make sure you stay organised so nothing is forgotten. Invest in a folder to keep all your paperwork, create a folder in your emails and save all necessary numbers on your phone. Put important dates in your diary, whether it be analogue or electronic, including when you expect to receive RSVPs and when you should call to check any reservations.


With this plan you will be able to organise an unforgettable hen do, with the minimum of stress to yourself and maximum enjoyment for all the hens. Start with a good idea, stay organised and double check everything – you will have a fantastic, memorable time.

  • Emily

    I’ve just had a brilliant hen weekend in London, part of which was spent in an artist’s studio in the East End, where we had a 90 min life drawing class with an art tutor and gorgeous life model:

    There were 10 of us, I went for free and got a free bottle of wine, plus we could bring our own snacks and booze. It was amazing fun and it didn’t matter that we couldn’t draw! The tutor was very cool, a good laugh and patient. The life model was in his late twenties and extremely good looking, and also extremely nice. We had the class late on a Saturday afternoon which was the perfect warm-up before dinner and clubbing in Shoreditch.