Travel money and packing tricks – save euros on your honeymoon

Honeymoons can be chic AND cheap with a little advance planning. Savvy brides know it’s the marriage that’s important, not the wedding, so avoid starting your life together with debt and get clever when planning your wedding and particularly the honeymoon.

It’s important that you rest, relax and reflect on your honeymoon – not spend the week stressing about money or bickering about bucks.

Before you leave

* Buy your currency online – a recent mystery shop by travel money comparison site found you can save up to 8% buying your travel money online rather than at the high street or worse still, the airport. Most online currency websites deliver money to your door, too. Even buying online for collection at airport is substantially cheaper than purchasing your travel money just before you fly – so don’t do it!

* It’s easy to travel with only hand luggage if you pack smart. Two pairs of shoes that go with everything – I take ballet pumps and silver heels – then lightweight fabrics that fold or roll easily. At the other end, steam in the shower to get rid of any creases. Be sure to check with your airline the maximum weight and size of carry-on bags, as limits vary.

* Think like a boy scout and be prepared. Buy duty free at the airport and you can take an extra bag into the plane. Enjoy a nice glass of Champagne at the other end, without the costly hotel mark-up. Not stingy, just savvy…

Location, location, location

* I’m a huge fan of the city break for a fun, flirty minimoon with a view to saving for a big beach break for your first anniversary.

* The euro is in a better state than a year ago but you will still get more for your money by heading to the likes of romantic Istanbul, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria or the romantic Venetian cities in Crete. The Candia Maris Resort & Spa in Heraklion, for example, is highly rated on

* Research your destination – hit the internet for recommendations for restaurants and days out from bloggers. I love – @budgettraveller on Twitter.