Spooky Stag and Halloween Hen Party Ideas

If you haven’t attended a Halloween Party before, you’re either a baby or really, really don’t like things that go ‘bump’ in the night (but even then you probably have) – so it’s safe to say there’s nothing too unusual about throwing on your best costume and dancing away to the Monster Mash to celebrate.

But what if your wedding falls just after this fright-filled holiday? It’d be rude not to stage a Halloween themed stag or hen party, however how can you actually pull it off with more than just some fake blood and a mask? Well luckily hen & stag organisers The Stag Company and Hen Heaven are here to help you out with any pre-nuptial Halloween activities. So, let’s hop on the Ghost Train and take a quick look through them:


Zombie Boot Camp

Let’s start off with a real winner shall we? One that is possibly more suited to stags but if you’re a hen party of horror movie lovers looking for something as far away from a spa day as possible, why wouldn’t you want to train to survive a zombie apocalypse  before showing your skills against a live-action horde of the undead? You could always head to the spa after!


Thriller Dance Experience

So if the Zombie boot camp was something for the stags, this is definitely for the hens. A dance class/experience is always a popular choice when it comes to hen party activities and what better way to add a Halloween twist to proceedings than with one of the most famous dance routines of all time that also just so happens to be zombified to the max with something evil lurking in the dark… Perfect!


Pitch Black Fine Dining

Another stalwart of hen and stag parties is of course taking some time out with your closest friends to sit down and have a good bite to eat, drink and chat before the festivities really get going. But this is Halloween so if you’re heading to the big smoke for it all, London has just the thing up its sleeve to keep the theme going. Dans Le Noir is the famous restaurant where customers dine in the dark and if that wasn’t spooky enough, this Halloween they’re putting together a special menu that couples their renowned gastronomic brilliance with all the frights of the occasion. Pair that with a ‘most frightening costume’ (how you’re actually going to see them is a mystery to us) and ‘most frightening shout’ contest to win cocktails and prizes – and it’s a Halloween experience not to miss!


The Haunted Hotel

So you’ve got the activities but where do you stay? If you’re man (or woman) enough, then you’re obviously going to have to stay somewhere haunted. The UK plays host to many haunted sights but being located close to one of the most notorious hen and stag-centric cities of Newcastle, we had to choose Chillingham Castle. Breath-taking grounds surround a castle that is grand and luxurious yet haunted by ghosts. We would suggest starting the weekend off here and then heading into Newcastle to cool off, get away from the ghouls and party…

So there you have it, more than enough to turn any old stag or hen party into one suited and booted for Halloween… Now stop cutting 2 eye-holes out of a duvet and get it sorted! Time is ticking out.

This post was written for us by Richard Paul from The Stag Company and Hen Heaven, leading organisers offering some of the hen activities and stag do ideas mentioned above, click here to find out more.