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find more info new wedding music discovery service has launched a new, free, innovative, wedding music service that allows brides and grooms to discover the perfect wedding music play list for their big day. This new, free service provides inspiration for the ideal personalised wedding music soundtrack, for any wedding venue, budget or theme. On the website, brides and grooms can ask their guests to crowd source their wedding music by inputting selections and compile lists from the featured wedding DJ playlist and the wedding soundtrack section.

“Music is central to any wedding. It is key for the event atmosphere and is vital to get right. With the launch of this new service brides and grooms can be inspired by and learn from others who have ‘road tested’ wedding tracks,” commented Phil Smith co-founder Soundtracktoyour.

This is the first of a series of wedding music initiatives that Soundtrack will announce over the coming weeks, positioning themselves as the free wedding music internet resource.

Sitting above the likes of SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube and soon Spotify the engine behind intelligently finds any music track instantly.

This music streaming and music discovery service enables users to create, play, share, vote for and publish personalised music playlists (soundtracks) based upon real life and the people and events that shape it. The result is the formation of the ultimate individual Soundtracktoyour life with the benefit of using just one site and one log in for everything in an individual’s music library, now and in the future. Imagine capturing and future proofing your wedding soundtrack – a great keepsake.

The site not only makes a user’s collection of playlists valuable to that user but that information is Meta-tagged into unique curated content on lifestyle & music which creates new ways for people to engage with, listen to & buy music.  In short it’s the easiest way to find and download great new music to accompany whatever you’re doing in your life whilst providing the guilty pleasure of discovering what others like to listen to, all on one site.

The engine will source and stream available music legally for free. It is also affiliated with iTunes so users can – through the site and their Apple account – purchase and take soundtracks wherever they want.

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