Hair shaping – long-lasting lovely locks, perfect for the busy bride

Frozen faces and fancy updos are SO 2013. This year is all about the natural look and, when it comes to hair and make-up, that means tumbling curls, gentle romantic waves or poker straight locks. And you can get the look you love applied permanently, even if you have bleached hair, thanks to new technology from Japan.

Momoko hair shaping has four options as a starting point. Poker Straight, Natural Straight, Gentle Wave and Bouncy Curl – simply pick your favourite and your stylist can give you a look that lasts without the high-maintenance or the expense of lots of products. See for the technicalities of this amazing treatment and some gorgeous photos from a recent shoot.

Momoko straightening is permanent – so it is a step up from the Brazilian blowdry, as you only need to have the roots retreated as your hair grows. The Momoko Digital Curl uses new formulations and a refined technique to give you the same length-of-wear of the Digital Perm – three to six months of gorgeous curls – but with a better result for the client. Nathan Walker went out to Japan to work with the founders of the Digital Perm and between them they honed the technique and refined it so that they could get a wider range of results on more hair types.

He says: “The technique previously developed produced one type of curl, a soft loose curl that really could only be achieved on mid hair lengths. My job was to see how in Japan where the treatment is huge, they work with the treatment and how they achieve different results. I then used my knowledge and expertise to develop techniques that produce results from tighter curls to looser waves.”

It’s so revolutionary, Your Hair, the hair industry bible, just featured Momoko on the cover.

The Digital Curl is bound to be popular with brides who want to recreate Catherine Zeta Jones’s glam waves, Kate Middleton’s volume or Cheryl Cole’s bouncy curls. There’s also something rather romantic about a beautiful curly look, and it works wonderfully with a delicate headband or simple flower grip.

Nathan says: “The Momoko Digital Curl offers the perfect solution for women who spend time curling with tongs, wands or rollers. The treatment creates movement to support the styling of gorgeous bouncy curls and waves and it’ll drastically reduce the amount of time you spend styling and ensure your finished style doesn’t drop out. You can simply shape it with your hands and blow dry into place.”

Doesn’t that sound like a great way to start your wedding day?

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