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Get the look: Vintage bridal fashion

If you’re planning a vintage-inspired wedding, then getting your look right is crucial. This post takes a look at some timeless bridal styles from across the decades and shows you how to recreate them for your big day. Take a look and be inspired to try something a little different.

1920’s bridal fashion

Ladies of the 1920’s were all about the headgear when it came to their wedding day, accentuating their beautiful pixie bobs, which became popular with the rise of androgynous styling. A popular item was the cap veil, embellished with lace and ribbon. Visionary Veils has a great selection of elaborate cap veils—the French lace design is a standout piece.

Wreath headpieces were also popular, particularly among the flappers, bringing a femininity and ethereal feel that was flattering to all. They’re particularly stunning with an up-do. Rosie Willett Designs has a range of flower garland headbands made of luxe materials such as silk, pearls and Swarovski crystals.


1930’s bridal fashion

The 1930’s had an air of old-Hollywood glamour, and this was reflected in the wedding dresses of the period. Elegant, floor-length gowns and long sleeves were favoured, with a romanticism introduced through texturing with ruffles, gorgeous draping and bead detailing.

Many 30’s wedding dresses have survived well, you can pick up an authentic vintage gown that still looks stunning. Try sites like Ebay or Preloved, or look for a vintage store that stocks wedding dresses locally.

1940’s bridal fashion

With the war came the ethos of make-do and mend, which encouraged people to create their own clothes and avoid using new fabrics. As such, many brides of the era took to their sewing machines to craft dresses—you can do the same by buying an authentic 40’s wedding dress pattern.

If you’re not much of a seamstress, you can take tailoring classes to equip yourself with the necessary skills. The Birmingham School of Sewing, for example, has a three- and four-day wedding dress—making courses.

1950’s bridal fashion

In the 1950’s, the hourglass silhouette was all the rage in women’s fashion. To accentuate this shape, wedding dresses had well-fitting tops—often with lace sleeves—and three-quarter-length circle skirts were worn with a petticoat for volume. Brides donned long veils to frame their perfectly pinned hair.


1960’s bridal fashion

Brides got a little daring in the 60’s, as the mini dress trend entered the wedding world. When Audrey Hepburn married Andrea Dotti in 1969, she wore a pink, woollen long-sleeved mini dress with a stunning headscarf and flats—a bridal look that went down in fashion history.

Channel the free spirit of the 60’s by adopting offbeat style yourself. Audrey didn’t go traditional when it came to the shape, material or colour of her dress, yet still looked every bit the blushing bride. Take a look at the wedding dresses available at Etsy to find something unique.

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