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Good Food Advice

The food menu is often at the heart of any great party and certainly a fantastic way of delivering an overwhelming success. With menu design becoming bigger than ever before, it is the perfect opportunity to relish, impress and really appreciate great foods and have a superb night filled with an overwhelming array of delectable flavours to tickle your taste buds.

Matthew Peek – Event Coordinator at Collection 26  has a winning combination to ensure you have the right advice to ensure a fantastic feast for you and your guests, “Selecting a successful menu is much more than merely combining the same old ideas, colours and flavours, but more about divulging into peoples personalities and infusing the unique and incredible essences that become the life and soul of any good party

Peek continues to say “What we choose to eat can reveal more about us than what we might have originally thought, so establishing a sturdy foothold to begin with, will ensure you will not go far wrong


When comprising fantastic foods, it is often the little details that catch your guest’s attention and make the difference between the great menu and a mediocre one. From the freshest ingredients and masterful talents, to the finer garnishes and practices – it is all about the development of the different flavours and sensations – as well as the culture it creates.



When initially choosing a menu – it is important to not overcomplicate the state of affairs. Don’t present your guests with a dish filled with contradicting flavours and palate mismatching. Compose your menu that delivers striking entities and impactful tastes.


A rule that seems obvious, yet unfortunately can still go unacknowledged – the importance of fresh ingredients. Nothing comes close to the unrivalled aroma of freshly muddled mint, the sharp zest of pressed lime or a delicious caramelised black leg chicken, with a mix of wild mushrooms & garlic.



We maintain the visual impact that often influences what and how we serve our menus. From frozen ice plinths and raw bark, through to distinctive tableware and unusual effects – this will sustain interest and increase the tempo throughout the evening.


Sharp staff – with the flair to match, will also reinforce that precision pulse. Remember, the staff are so important and have a pronoun affect, whether the party is large or small party – so it is vital to keep high energy and positive vibes throughout.

With time different trends come in and out of fashion; however the same basic rules apply when delivering them. This winning combination will ensure that a fine cuisine is achieved that exceeds both yours and your guests expectations.

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