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Upcycle, recycle, reuse: now wedding rings go green

When you think of eco weddings, you might assume that jewellery is the one thing that remains traditional – as long as the diamond is ethical, of course. But no, you can reuse, recycle and reduce even as far as your wedding rings, and engagement and eternity rings too.

The Perfect Ring Company specialise in bespoke rings and can incorporate a family heirloom or existing treasured piece of jewellery into your wedding bling. You can swap materials and customise your design with a range of diamonds, coloured gemstones, patterns and engraving – and come up with something as individual as you are.

Company owner Ryan Power says upcycling is a growing trend.

“We are finding that more and more clients are approaching us wishing to reuse family heirlooms, items passed down to them or sometimes old jewellery which they simply don’t like or wear anymore.

“Just last month we took some diamonds from a client’s Grandmother’s earrings and re-set them into her wedding ring.  She felt as if her Gran was then with her watching her get married.  And of course then with her every day from that point on.

“If a client has some diamonds or other precious gemstones which they’d like set into a new ring, then we’d be delighted to help.  It’s a service which is becoming more and more popular and often means the final piece holds even more sentimental valued and is treasured dearly.”

This coming Sunday, March 9,  they will be showcasing some of their designs and advising brides on family heirlooms at Bride: The (Eco) Wedding Fayre at the Green House hotel in Bournemouth. Or give them a call on 01202 727160  – they have advisers across the UK who can help.

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