Spring is here and it’s time to think about wedding hair trials…

A hair trial is the only way of finding out if your stylist (and your hair) can do what you want them to!

The secret to getting the right hair for your wedding day is a good trial with your stylist. Check out my guide to getting the best from yours.

  • Bring photos – Lots of them, not just of the styles that you like but similar looks that you don’t like too.  It will give your stylist a really clear idea of what’s in your mind and your taste. Google half up, half down hair styles and see how much the same look differs! Plus, what is a ‘messy up do’ to you could be something completely different to them!
  • Look at photos with similar coloured hair – Curls and textured styles on blonde hair look completely different on dark hair as you can’t see the direction and movement of the hair as much. It’s worth considering if you would still like the hair style in a different colour..
  • It’s great to try lots of different styles but to get the most of your stylist you need to have a full consultation with them and narrow it down to 2 or 3 maximum.
  • Be honest – There’s no point telling your stylist ‘It’s lovely’ if you hate it. Think about what aspects you like or don’t like so that she can work with you and improve the look. As a hairstylist I always want feedback, otherwise I can’t get it spot on. Remember  how you felt when you got your dress..All excited and can’t wait to show it off!? That’s exactly how you should feel about your hair too!
  • Compare – Even if you love love LOVE the first style you have, try another one. Just to be sure!
  • Don’t straighten your hair before your trial – Feel free to blow dry it but straightening with heat makes it difficult to create a good curl / wave afterwards. I would suggest washing the morning of your trial or the day before
  • Wear a top that you can drop the shoulder of. Hair looks totally different  in a high neck sweater than it does next to your skin, or with your shoulders showing. If you can wear something with a similar neckline to your dress, even better!
  • Have a picture of your dress with you to remind yourself of the look you’re going for. You’re hair may look fabulous but it needs to compliment your dress or can look out of place.
  • Don’t have a trial too early! Trends change fast especially in wedding season so don’t have a hair trial in the winter if you’re not getting married until next summer…You’ll change your mind and end up paying for another one!
  • Check out Pinterest for wedding hair inspiration and don’t just search ‘bridal hair’ look for red carpet styles too..
  • Think about what suits you and don’t go too on trend – Anything super trendy will date super fast. Think about the photos that you will be looking at for years to come.
  • A trial is fun and is a lovely wedding-y thing to do with your bridesmaids and mum but don’t take too many supporters along with you. In my experience this usually results in a more focussed, quieter second trial where the brides doesn’t have 5 different opinions . Just a thought!
  • Finally keep an open mind and let your stylist advise you. Just like when you’re looking for the perfect wedding dress ; the style you have in mind isn’t always the one that looks best.