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Matchbox Music’s Guide to Live Wedding Music

When it comes to your wedding, you want it to be one of the most memorable moments of your life. Months of preparation have gone into every little detail, yet people often under estimate the importance of music in shaping your big day. Music sets the tone during the ceremony, the pace throughout the afternoon and evening celebrations, so deciding on the right acts can be one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding day. Long gone are the days of standard wedding music and hymns, the modern day couple have no end of musical options from classic sounds to off the wall madness!

We’ve put together a short guide to give you some ideas for your special day:

Music Upon Arrival

The wait leading up to the bridal procession can often be a lengthy one, and although this is your special moment, that doesn’t mean that your guest shouldn’t also be able to enjoy the experience. To break up the wait, why not consider some ambient music? Not only will an act play something to accompany your procession, they will also be able to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests in the build up to your arrival. Why not consider a string quartet or classical guitarist as an understated yet entertaining alternative to the traditional organ.


The Wedding Reception

After the ceremony, it is time for the reception, where drinks are served and the Wedding Breakfast takes place. It’s at this time that members of the residing families get to know each other better or catch up with distant relatives. In build up to the best man’s speech and main meal there will no doubt be some waiting time, and although your guests will no doubt have lots to say, setting a musical background will help set the mood and provide a talking point to your event. It’s at these times that you want something that’s not going to overpower the conversations of your guests, a simple piano accompaniment playing classical Jazz or contemporary pop is often a popular choice.

After the Wedding Breakfast it’s time to let loose and this when you can really make a statement with a band that will keep your guest talking about your wedding for years to come. It’s at this point where in terms of style, anything goes, after all, it’s your party! However something upbeat and lively is the key to a successful post wedding party. Whether it’s a Pop Party band, Swing Big Band or a Tribute act, live music will add another dimension to your big day and more importantly get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor! For those wanting something extra, most hired bands offer a disco after service for those true party animals who want to keep going to the early hours.

Now don’t think that you need to be limited to a band, or that live music is out of your budget, there are a variety of musical acts that are relatively inexpensive and work in a variety of formats.

A High-Tech Duo is often a good alternative to a full band, not only as it is more cost effective, but they can also perform in a relatively small space and set up quickly. For those worried about losing the full band effect, High-Tech Duo’s perform to backing tracks allowing them to create a full band sound without the extra musicians and equipment.

If your main concern is your budget, a soloist can be an effective choice throughout the whole day, perhaps consider a harpist or violinist who will not only be able to cover the wedding procession but also the drinks reception.

Wedding Picture

We hope this has been a useful guide in choosing the right act for your wedding day, for a further selection of musical acts and bands for hire, feel free to check out our website: or give us a follow: @Matchboxmusic

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