Do awards matter? Yes if you win a UKBA15 they do!

I am delighted this year to be involved as a judge with the National UK Blog Awards 2015. These awards are multi-platform covering major British industry, so to be able to get involved and judge the wedding blog category is a huge honour for me.

As a business owner, you must wonder if it is worth entering such awards? And how can winning make a difference to your business? The only way to answer this is to find out from a previous winner, so we are delighted to welcome Sara from the Wedding Sparrow to UWM to find out how this has changed her life.

Sara Russel

Why blogging is so important to us…

Winning the National UK Blog Award for Best Wedding Blog this year was incredible! Such a major shock but we’re so pleased that Wedding Sparrow has resonated with the industry.

Since we won in April, I’ve managed to leave the ‘day job’ and take Wedding Sparrow full time. So incredibly scary and exciting at the same time. Winning awards has certainly given us the confidence to be able to take that leap.

The blog is now an extension of my lifestyle and you’ll find us travelling around the world now meeting and working with some incredible people we’ve met through the blog. Being a full time business with five members of staff also means the blog is incredibly important. I couldn’t think of anything better to do with my days, being surrounded by and meeting incredibly talented people.


A few words of ‘wisdom’…

Make sure the subject of the blog is something you’re incredibly passionate about. You’ll be living it and breathing it (if you’re doing it right) so it must be something you absolutely love.

Don’t ever start a blog thinking it’s a great way to make a living either. We’ve been incredibly lucky as we found a niche in the wedding world that no one else had tapped into which has in no doubt helped our success but there are plenty of blogs out there that have been blogging for years and to no financial gain.

The power of a blog…

Wedding Sparrow is not just a blog but our entire business. Having a niche in the market as well as access to a specific bride/groom has meant that we have the perfect solution for lots of vendors wanting to appeal to this market. We’re leading the forefront of the fine art industry as it grows in popularity. We hope that it’s powerful enough to reach as many brides and vendors as possible.

I started a personal blog way back when I was getting married and it was nothing more than that. As time got closer to my wedding I actually stopped blogging to concentrate on the big day. People kept asking on social media if I was coming back to the world of blogging and it was on Honeymoon in 2012 that I talked to my husband about making it into a business. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In the last six months our readership has grown by 250% and after winning a number of awards plus three more nominations this year alone, we’re riding on the crest of a wave. We’re not complacent though and we recognise other blogs starting to become more interested in the film photography and fine art side of the wedding world so we continue to lead the way by being one step ahead.


The cherry on the cake…

We merged with an incredible international styling company Pearl & Godiva recently to become the Tour De Force of the wedding industry. We speak at workshops and events as well as style and plan high end weddings. We’ve three more awards we’ve been nominated for this year and hopefully can continue our recent success. But more importantly we’re travelling the world meeting incredible vendors and creating more pretty to show off to brides as inspiration.


To find out more from Sara and for gorgeous wedding inspiration, visit her blog:


Are you ready to enter the #UKBlogAwards2015? You can by clicking here, and I cannot wait to see your fabulous blogs!