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Ten tips on how to get more sleep before your wedding

Every bride wants to look radiant and healthy on her wedding day, and getting regular good, high quality sleep is a major contributor to achieving this. Unfortunately, the inevitable nerves and stress related to the event will often lead to restless nights. Bed specialist, Dreams, offers some advice on how to keep calm and relax in the run-up to the big day.

1. Say no to the champers

Although many people claim alcohol helps them to fall asleep more quickly, it actually reduces REM sleep. This is the phase of sleep associated with deep dreaming. Losing out on REM sleep can cause drowsiness when awake, so it’s best to avoid it altogether during the run-up to the wedding. Swap alcohol for herbal teas and non-caffeinated soft drinks, which will also help with hydration.

2. Avoid coffee and other stimulants

Caffeine is obviously well known for keeping people awake, but many other snacks and drinks also contain caffeine, such as chocolate, tea and cola drinks. It is best to steer clear of food and drinks containing stimulants, or make sure they are consumed early in the day, as even in moderate doses, they can block sleep neurotransmitters, causing insomnia. The Dreams 7 Sleep Mistakes infographic has more advice.

Woman excising | 10 tips to get more sleep before your wedding | Ultimate Wedding Magazine

3. Light exercise

Although time is always tight in the weeks building up to the wedding, the bride should allow herself some light exercise every day. She should avoid too much strenuous activity late in the day, however, as this is more likely to cause her to wake in the night.

4. Eat foods that contain tryptophan

If the bride feels she needs an energy boost, it is best to snack on foods that contain tryptophan. This is an amino acid, which is required for the production of serotonin in the body, which in turn produces melatonin – a hormone that helps with sleep. Yoghurt, bananas, milk and eggs are all high in tryptophan. More advice on food and drink to help with sleep can be found on the Dreams Sleep Matters Club.

5. Turn off the TV

38% of people watch television to wind down before they sleep. However, this can actually harm the sleep cycle, as watching TV before bedtime encourages you to stay up later than you would naturally

Girl using phone | 10 tips to get more sleep before your wedding | Ultimate Wedding Magazine

6. Put that phone away

Although the days before a wedding can be frantic with so much to do and people to contact, brides should try to avoid using their smartphone, tablet or laptop late at night. Gadgets like this emit blue light, which is said to delay the production of melatonin, so keeping the body awake.

7. Listen to sounds that aid sleep

If the bride is anxious and is finding it particularly difficult to get to sleep at night, she could try one of several devices and apps available that generate white noise, such as White Noise Ambience Lite. White noise devices work two ways: by blocking distracting noises, and by producing soothing sounds that are relaxing and help to induce sleep. More information on sounds that help sleep can be found on the Dreams Sleep Matters Club.

8. Consider sleeping naked

It’s always tempting to wrap up in cosy pyjamas on cooler nights, but going to bed naked can have several benefits when it comes to getting our beauty sleep. Studies have shown that having the wrong body temperature at night can stop the dozing off process, while not allowing the body to regulate its temperature (by wearing clothes, for example) can prevent people from reaching the deeper stages of sleep.

9. Turn the bed into a sleep haven

Don’t compromise on comfort. The bride should ensure her bed is as comfortable as possible – even if it is just to change the bed linen for something luxurious, or swap a thick duvet for clean, cotton sheets to ensure she has a cool and calm night’s sleep before the wedding. More advice can be found here.

10. Try an alternative sleeping cycle

If planning the wedding several months in advance, there is time for the bride to consider changing her sleeping cycle altogether. The Dreams Sleep Matters Club offers four alternative sleeping cycles as an alternative to the common Monophasic cycle that most people practice: Biphasic, Everyman, Dymaxion and Uberman.

Beauty tip: It is also good to know that during sleep, the body goes into ‘repair’ mode. It does this by producing growth hormones, which help to rebuild damaged cells, including those of the skin, hair and nails. So the more sleep we get, the longer our bodies can continue with this repairing, restoring and rebalancing process… which all means that beauty sleep isn’t a myth, it’s a fact! Read more about beauty sleep here.


Thank you to Dreams for these fantastic sleeping tips. Now maybe we all can go to sleep? I think that’s a great idea! Good night!

More advice on sleep and wellbeing can be found on the Dreams Sleep Matters website:

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