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In sickness, health and wedding planning

With the height of wedding season fast approaching, Topman has conducted research into the differing attitudes brides and grooms have towards planning their wedding.

Surprisingly, research has revealed that it is actually the grooms-to-be who get the most stressed when it comes to planning their big day, rating it an 80 per cent on the stress scale, to a female’s 70 per cent.

Despite the difference in stress levels, modern day brides and grooms are actually very much in tune with each other, especially when it comes to the wedding budget. On average, 39 per cent* of males and females surveyed stated that they would prefer an intimate wedding 0f 30-45 guests over a large, flashy wedding (300+ guests). Similarly, although celebrity weddings are constantly splashed across the media, 44 per cent* of males, and 37 per cent* of females wouldn’t like their own wedding to resemble a celebrity wedding.

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As part of Topman’s research I was asked to comment and said: “Men do play an important part in the planning process, the day is after all about we and not I, and we have met some very enthusiastic gentlemen who seem to revel in the planning, more so than their partners. Intimate, individual weddings are definitely in and here to stay.”

In line with couples opting for smaller scale weddings, they are also choosing to go on less expensive hen/stag dos, with research revealing that a third of males and females surveyed (30 per cent*) would wish to spend between £299-£450. Despite stereotype suggesting that stag’s would prefer either a party holiday (only 13 per cent*) or thrill seeking holiday – less than 2 per cent* selected it as their ideal stag do, and surprisingly a city break came out top with 27 per cent *of the vote.

When it came to what couples look forward to the most about their big day, Topman’s research found nearly a third of males (28 per cent*) and just over a quarter of females (26 per cent*) chose  ‘the idea of spending the rest of my life with my partner’ as favourite, and ‘being centre of attention for the day’ the least favourite (2 per cent*), showing that weddings are becoming less about couples having “their big day” and more about a celebration of finding the person that they would like to spend the rest of their lives with.


Laura Blake, Digital Marketing Manager at Topman, said: “It’s interesting to see that men and women are playing equal roles when it comes to planning weddings contrary to the perception that brides-to-be take the lead. Men are just as likely to have as much of an opinion on which wedding reception venue to go for, as well as how the invitations look. The stereotype of men and women’s roles when it comes to weddings seems to be getting eradicated by modern day couples.”

Not only do modern day couples share an equal role in the planning of weddings; they share the same ideals in every aspect of the wedding, from the proposal to the honeymoon destination. The most sought after honeymoon destination (second to the dream destination of the Maldives) has been identified as Europe, showing that husband and wives to be are choosing to scale down every aspect of their wedding, opting for low-key and cost-savvy weddings.


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