What your engagement ring says about you

What style is your engagement ring? Contemporary or vintage? Sparkling diamonds or colourful gems? Classic or quirky? The Diamond Store recently surveyed more than 500 brides and now they’re here to reveal what your engagement ring really says about your “bridal personality”. What’s your favourite kind of engagement ring? Leave a message in the comments below!


Vintage RingThe vintage ring

Whether Art Deco, Edwardian or 1960’s baguette diamonds, your engagement ring is definitely antique-inspired. You’re probably a strong, bubbly personality and you idolise the iconic style of women like Marilyn Monroe or Katherine Hepburn. Your Great Gatsby wedding will be complete with candelabras, silverware and a live big band, and provide the perfect setting for your authentic vintage dress!

Luxury RingThe luxury ring

Your ring has it all. Style, sparkle and carats! Perhaps it’s a dazzling “halo” ring or a huge champagne-coloured diamond? Sociable, fun and stunningly well groomed, you always get invited to the best parties, and your fiancé loves showing you off. You’ll be pulling out all the stops for your wedding – even Kim Kardashian would go green with envy at the sight of your bejewelled dress and towering champagne fountain!

Boho RingThe quirky boho ring

Your bohemian engagement ring probably features unusual gems like peridot and smoky quartz, or whimsically arranged, ethical diamonds. This unique choice of ring suggests you’re a free spirit who refuses to conform to convention. Your woodland wedding will be decorated with wild flowers and your guests have been asked to donate to charity instead of bringing gifts. Afterwards, you’ll set off on a campervan adventure honeymoon to Vietnam.

Romantic RingThe romantic ring

Pink sapphires, blue aquamarines and delicate accent diamonds… your ring is utterly sparkly and feminine. With the biggest, kindest heart ever, it’s no wonder your friends and your fiancé adore you! You’ll have a “proper” wedding at a small neighbourhood church and with a traditional white dress and a bouquet of simple white lilies. Don’t forget to wear waterproof mascara on the day, as you’re likely to shed a few tears of joy as you read your vows!

Classic Solitaire RingThe classic solitaire ring

Your ring is a classic, timeless solitaire with a perfect, sparkling diamond. Sophisticated to the core, you know your wedding will be the most elegant event of the year! Luckily your bridesmaids and fiancé understand you’re a girl who knows what she wants. So they’re letting you get on with your perfect plan, which includes handmade wedding favours, traditional centrepieces and colour coordinated bridesmaids’ dresses that match the groomsmen’s ties.

Royal RingThe royal ring

Your ring is a platinum heirloom piece set with one of “The Big Five” gemstones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires or tanzanite. Composed and ladylike, you were Head Girl at school and now probably lead your local women’s charity. Whether you decide on a designer dress and a cathedral veil, or a white Chanel suit and a small art gallery ceremony, your friends and family will be bowled over by your effortlessly chic wedding style!


Thanks to the Diamond Store for the results from this survey! Make sure you head over to their website for some beautiful engagement rings: thediamondstore.co.uk

  • Lauren

    Aha, i suppose you would day i have a Royal Ring, but i’m far from chic with a designer dress, i havr it as its was my Mother’s and she passed it on to me. So for me it’s a luttle heirloom for me to pass down to my daughter one day. Its history not down to my personality. Good article though.

  • All are wonderful different styles of rings have romantic arrays of colors..

  • All rings are beautiful and unique . I love vintage rings.I have only vintage rings collection one of them my mother give it to me . and other my husband give to me on our anniversary.

    • PBX Express

      Hi ammy i also like the vintage rings specially designed by the sharda jewellers