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Diamonds: how to search for your sparkle

You may only get to go diamond shopping once in your life – unless you are marrying a millionaire of course. So it’s important not to get TOO over-excitement and make sure you get engagement and wedding rings you will love and cherish almost as much as you love and cherish your husband.

Karra Willmott, Diamond and Gemstone Specialist for H&T Pawnbrokers is the new ‘Diamond Guru’ for advice website Guru+Go. There are all sorts of resources for brides, from beauty advice, to articles on relationships and sex, health, fitness and parenting.

There are also downloadable fitness plans, including The Couples Get Fit Plan (ideal for the run-up to the wedding), Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking (and save money for your nuptials) and a Personal Diet and Nutrition Analysis (to ensure you are eating right for enery for the big day).

Karra has written a Guru+Go guide on What Are The World’s Most Expensive Diamonds – but she has advice for brides on all budgets.

“We sell a range of great value engagement and wedding rings to suit all budgets and have recently started our bespoke wedding ring service, so we are able to offer customers exactly what they want within a varied price range,” she said.

“A couple recently came into our Walsall store looking for an engagement ring, when they found the right one, the gentleman got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend right there in the store!”

Here are Karra’s three top tips for engagement and wedding ring shopping:

1. Do some research before visiting a store, have a feel for what you think you would like, but remain open- minded. The sales team will guide you through the many designs, and have experience in what styles complement different hand types. Try many designs – it’s not every day you get to try on lots of diamonds!

2. Always think about the wedding ring when looking at engagement rings. You may only be purchasing one ring at that time, but it’s important to know what your ring will look like with another one next to it. They need to work as a team, as they will be side by side forever.

3. Think about what your ring will have to go through on a daily basis. Particularly active people may suit gemstones and diamonds that feature a ‘rub over’ setting, where the setting encapsulates the edges of the stone. Claw settings leave parts of the stone exposed, which could be prone to damage. White gold will need re-plating regularly, especially if your hands are exposed to chlorine or other acids. Platinum is an incredibly strong and durable metal which is naturally white; making it perfect for those with labour intensive jobs or those with skin allergies.

When it comes to choosing a gemstone for your engagement or wedding ring, use your eyes and your instincts to get a sparkly diamond you love to wear every day.

Of course, many brides are inspired by celebrity styles so here are the top three most expensive engagement rings worn by the rich (of course) and famous:

1. When Marc Anthony proposed to Jennifer Lopez, he did so with a ring worth £2.7million. This tops her previous engagement ring from Ben Affleck, which cost £790,000.

2. Jay Z spent £3.2million on Beyonce’s 18-carat emerald-cut ring. This billionaire couple have topped the Forbes list of highest earning couples in the past, although they were knocked off the number one spot this year by Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

3. Kim Kardashian tops the most-expensive celebrity engagement ring list, Kanye West spent £5.2million on her 15 carat cushion-cut flawless diamond ring. Kim’s previous husband Kris Humphries bought her a 16.21 carat emerald-cut centre stone ring with 1.8 carats of side diamonds. It’s a bigger diamond than the one she currently wears but it cost less, around £1.2million, due to the colour and clarity of the diamonds. When the marriage didn’t work out, it was sold at Christie’s auction house.

And the prize for most engagement rings worn … goes to Victoria Beckham who has been photographed in an astounding 13 engagement rings during her 15 years of marriage to David Beckham including diamonds, emeralds and sapphires worth an alleged £3.8million!

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