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Our first engaged Christmas together

Our fabulous groom is back on our blog today, talking about his and Lauren’s first Christmas together since they got engaged! Over to Gareth…

Christmas is here once again and this year, it’s sprinkled with a little extra magic for us as it’s our first one engaged.

While we’ve been mulling over wine lists and colour themes, we’ve also been busy putting the tree up, hanging baubles and generally making the house more festive for the season. I’ve also been trying to figure out what to do with all the extra new decorations Lauren seems to come home with whenever she’s been Christmas shopping.

I think I counted another four giant snowflakes on the tree I hadn’t seen the other day!

This year marks our sixth Christmas together and third since we moved in with each other. Having spent the past 10 months wedding planning, we’re really looking to spending our first Christmas as a newly-engaged couple. Well, as many family and friends’ Christmas cards excitedly remind us, by next Christmas we’ll be Mr and Mrs Jones. So I guess we’ll only get to enjoy it once!

As many couples know, when you move into together and start sharing your Christmases together, you bring with you your own ideas of tradition. And we’ve been no different. As I’m one of four and Lauren is an only child, it’s been clear when we’ve shared memories about them, there’s a slight difference in our childhood Christmases.

While Lauren’s Christmas Day usually started at a respectable hour with her mum and dad, mine, started with a lot of excited shouting with my brother and sisters at 4am, while we all opened our stockings. This was usually followed by not-so-excited shouts from Mum and Dad’s bedroom, telling us to go to sleep and Christmas doesn’t start for another few hours!

Over the past few years together, we’ve created our own traditions (either deliberately or accidently) that we look forward to continuing over the years to come. Trips to Christmas markets, collecting festive mugs from the hot chocolate stands and watching A Muppets Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve together are just a few of them.

Last year I decided to bake a Christmas cake to add to our list. Although I think it ended up being more rum than fruit, having over-excitedly ‘fed’ it every weekend since Halloween. As it got thumbs up from everyone (after the initial sharp intake of breath) it’s something I want to carry on through our married life together – maybe even getting any future kids to help out.

Although if they’re anything like me when I was little, I may be pleading for sanity and paracetamol before we reach Bonfire Night!

As this is our first engaged Christmas, I’ve also been looking forward to buying Fiancee-themed cards and gifts – if only I could find them. No matter how may Google searches and high street visits I make, I always come up empty handed. But I’m glad I’m not the only one, as Lauren has had the same issue. We’ve both joked that locating them is harder than untangling last year’s fairy lights!

Tree decoration

Bought from Etsy, click here to view online.

Although on a separate note, it seems that when it comes to buying a ‘Wife’ card next year, I’ll have no problem!

With our big day now less than a year away, we’re both really excited about what’s ahead – even if it does feel that we still have a mountain of things to organise. But for now, I think we’ll put our feet up, enjoy a mince pie (or two) and watch a few festive favourites on TV.

Including A Muppets Christmas Carol, obviously.

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