Olverum Bath Oil

If you’re like us when winter sets in all you want to do is have a nice hot bath in the evening. A little time to relax, read a book, perhaps catch up on your favourite TV show (on your device, of course, just don’t get it wet). It’s that perfect ‘me’ time. Well, what If I said you can make this so much better?

Put away the bottles of bubble bath, you seriously don’t need that. What you need is Olverum Bath Oil. This same formula has been around since 1929, your bubble bath can’t really match up to this! Olverum Bath Oil is made with natural essential oils including lemon, eucalyptus, pine and lavender. All of these together make for a relaxing bath.

Olverum Bath Oil in bath

The first time I tried this I put the recommended capful in. That’s all you need, it doesn’t bubble up, it simply mixes with the water and creates an incredible aroma. It reminded me of being in a luxury spa! After soaking in this for a while my skin felt soft, I had clear sinuses and felt totally relaxed.

If you haven’t tried Olverum before, I recommend you do. It’s fantastic for relaxing before your big day, or even giving as a gift. It’s quite pricey with the 200ml bottle being £36.95 however, it is enough for 40 baths and is a little luxury.

For further information and to buy online, visit the website: olverum.com