New Mulberry Collection at Amara

In March, the long awaited exclusive Mulberry Home collection will be available on Amara. This collection consists of 27 pieces including cushions, draught excluders, door stops and the newest fabrics launched by GP&J Baker for Mulberry.

If you’re a fan of Mulberry you’ll feel right at home with some of their most iconic prints and designs. The collection will also include some new prints for the season which are simply beautiful. Saddle Blanket is a rustic striped embroidered fabric, inspired by the cross-stitching techniques of North Africa. This sits perfectly alongside Dress Circle which is a striking combination of multi coloured printed spares on linen with appliqued velvet rings surrounding a variety of embroidered stitches. Another striking fabric is Wild Geese, depicting the majestic flight of wild geese. This print has been sourced from a pattern book held in the archives. It was originally produced around 1880-1900 as a silk velvet dress fabric.

Mulberry Home at AmaraMulberry Home Cushions at Amara

1. Mulberry Home Beauly Velvet Cushion – Blue & Indigo / 2. Mulberry Home Blantyre Cushion / 3. Mulberry Home Bohemian Travels Velvet Cushion / 4. Mulberry Home Wild Geese Linen Cushion

Mulberry Home at Amara | Hallway and lounge

Mulberry Home Accessories available at Amara

1. Mulberry Home Bohemian Velvet Door Stop – Woodsmoke / 2. Mulberry Home Draught Excluders – Sand & Grey / 3. Mulberry Home Game Birds Velvet Cushion / 4. Mulberry Home Beauly Velvet Cushion – Grey

The new collection will be available to buy from Amara in early March. Prices start from £85 for a door stop and £160 for a cushion. So why not treat your home to some new luxurious or add them to your wedding gift list!


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