Hen Party – Home or Away

“Would you like to come on my Hen Party?”
“Well, it depends on where it is.”

A conversation typical to this one can be found the nation over. When planning your hen night the question of WHERE appears right at the top of the list, it’s a major consideration and always will be.

Will you take it Home or Away? Opt for one of our fabulous UK cities or fall for the lure of foreign lands.

In 2015, ABTA claimed that 1.3 million Brits were heading overseas for their stag and hen celebrations.

To help you decide we’ve compiled a (maybe not totally comprehensive) focus on the pros of each.

Houses of Parliament | Hen Party Home or Away


It’s all about the money, money, money. You really don’t want your best friend to have to miss out because she can’t afford it. Choosing the UK means that you can try to keep the cost down and those with a lower budget can join you for just some elements of the celebrations.

Let’s face it we have some amazing cities in the UK. London is tops for Freedom hens, but Newcastle (maybe thanks to those Georgie Shore boys and girls), Manchester and Birmingham are serious contenders for the title of Party Central.

Eating pizza | Hen Party Home or Away

You don’t need a passport and won’t struggle with ‘Junglesque’ food challenges. Familiarity in food and language are a big comfort to some.

Travelling time has to get a mention, more time to party less time getting there.

AND finally the range of activities that Freedom offer in the UK whoop those Abroad hands down.

Hen Party Home or Away Women on Beach


Here Comes the Sun. Yes us poor Brits do suffer from poor weather… fact. So the opportunity of guaranteed glorious weather that Barcelona, Benidorm and TOWIE fave Marbella offer are very enticing indeed.

Let’s have a hen party that includes all the essentials, ie all your best mates, lots of lovely drinks, good food, the chance to dance BUT also throws in a healthy dose of culture, adventure and bags of history. Prague, Budapest and Krakow are fully qualified to meet that brief, getting you out there and seeing a little of the world.

Hen party together | Hen Party Home or Away

Packing your suitcase AND your passport, makes any hen weekend feel more like a mini holiday and all the benefits that accompany a mini break away from it all.

With the rise and rise of budget airlines, the costs of taking your hen party abroad are not as prohibitive as it once was.

Finally, we believe it’s the excitement factor that leads to Away getting the vote. Getting on a plane and heading off to a country you’ve never been to before always gets high marks on the excitement scale.


At Freedom we find that over 90% of our customers choose home, go Team GB. For further information and more hen party inspiration, tap here to visit: freedomltd.com