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5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring

Today we welcome Laings of Glasgow to the UWM blog, offering some top tips for choosing the perfect wedding ring. We know exactly how hard it can be to choose the perfect ring, so these tips should be of help! Over to Laings…

Going to the chapel? Going to get married..? Congratulations! There are so many exciting things to plan as a newly engaged couple, and choosing your wedding bands is just one important step towards matrimonial bliss. Wedding bands are a symbol of your lifelong love and commitment and it’s important that you love something that you’ll be wearing for so long! Laings of Glasgow has over 175 years of experience helping couples tie the knot and they’ve learnt a couple of tricks of the trade along the way. Laings are here today to share their top 5 tips for picking the perfect wedding band. So without further “I do”…1. Be clever with your metals!

1. Be clever with your metals!

When choosing the metal for your wedding band, platinum might just be your first choice. This ultra-durable metal is extra tough and very scratch resistant, however, its desirability comes with a price tag to match. Before you take the platinum plunge, consider an alternative metal that’s almost as tough, and comes in at a fraction of the price. Palladium wedding bands have grown hugely in popularity over recent years, and for good reason. This palladium flat court 7mm ring is the perfect choice for any modern gent. If you’ve already set aside a joint fund for your wedding bands, then you could always use the money you save on a palladium wedding band on more diamonds in the bride-to-be’s rings.

Palladium Wedding Band - Laings of Glasgow

2. Mix & Match

If you already have a beautiful engagement ring, then it’s very important that your wedding ring is a perfect fit for it. You might want your metals to match and be a perfect complement to each other, or you might prefer a little mix – maybe even add some yellow or rose gold into the mix! The choice is completely up to you, but we would advise you to bear in mind that different metals have different strengths. A softer yellow gold wedding band might not wear very well sitting beside a hardy platinum wedding band, so think before you shop.

3. The Perfect Fit

It’s important that your engagement ring is a perfect fit with your wedding bands. Before you choose your wedding band, have a long, hard think about your engagement ring. Make sure that the two rings are going to sit well together. Many of our diamond engagement rings come with “wed-fit” wedding bands designed to match, like this Andrew Geoghegan Box Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Band set. Don’t worry if your chosen engagement ring doesn’t seem to have a matching wedding band though, our expert staff have a wedding band for every engagement ring. Please do get in touch with Laings if you need any help or advice with this.

Andrew Geoghegan Ring - Laings of Glasgow

4.  His & Hers

Some couples do everything together. If you find yourself finishing each other’s sentences, then you might want to have matching wedding ring materials. Knowing that you are both wearing the same precious metal on your finger can make you feel like you have an even stronger connection with each other. Not every couple feels the need to be “matchy matchy”, though. Some couples enjoy the individuality of choosing their own favourite metals, and the fact that you are both wearing any wedding band can be enough.5. A Touch of Sparkle

5. A Touch of Sparkle

When you think of wedding bands, the first thing that might pop into your head is the typical yellow gold wedding band. Dream a little bigger though, and you could find yourself owning a much more dazzling wedding band. Wedding bands can be as plain or as “out there” as you like. Laings offer a variety of beautiful diamond wedding bands, like this Laings 18ct White Gold 3mm Diamond Wedding Ring – simple yet stunning. To sparkle, or not to sparkle – the choice is yours!

Diamond Ring - Laings of Glasgow

We hope that Laings’ top five tips will help you choose those perfect wedding bands! No matter which rings you choose, we’re sure that they will make a wonderful memento of your big day – so happy shopping! Stay up to date with Laings’ latest news on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or send Laings an email at

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