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Downtown Beloit Engagement

Ashlee and Grant longed for a timeless engagement session and they totally came ready for their session with the perfect attire accompanied by Ashlee’s grandpas vintage Rolls Royce. These two were so sweet to work with says photographer Nicole Lender and they decided Beloit was the perfect location for the shoot both the historical as well as revitalised areas in downtown Beloit, Wisconsin.

Incorporating Ashlee’s grandpa’s vintage car was very important to both of them and it was an amazing opportunity to have incorporated that family heirloom in a session so special to them. Thank you to Nicole Lender for sharing these beautiful images with us. We can’t wait for Ashlee and Grant’s September wedding!

Vintage car | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Faux Fur Wrap | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Couple in vintage car | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

How did you meet?

Ashlee – “Grant and I met at the bank I worked for previously about 4 and a half years ago and have been together ever since.”

“I was a teller and he was a customer. I always thought he was cute and the first time I waited on him I botched his transaction. He returned to my teller window within a few minutes and I was feeling confident and said, “Did you miss me?” with a smile. He laughed and replied, “actually, I think you shorted me.” I was horrified and refused to wait on him there on out. Then one day he came to my teller window and asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said “no”. He then said, “do you want one?” I laughed and replied, “well how about a date first?” He said okay and I gave him my phone number. He waited for a week and a half to call me to ask me out! We hit it off immediately on our first date.”

Couple sitting in vintage car | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Engaged couple | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Couple in urban setting | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Tell us about the proposal…

“We were in Germany to celebrate his 30th birthday. We are both of German heritage and he has always wanted to visit Germany. While we were there we travelled to a different part of Germany almost every other day.”

“At the time of the proposal, we were staying on a lake in the Black Forest. We had just eaten dinner and he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk around the lake and I agreed. Walking was nothing out of the norm for our trip there. We asked the concierge if there was a trail around the lake. He said yes and gave us directions. We went outside and went straight to the lake, but soon realised we were not on the trail because there were “Private Property” signs. I started suggesting other areas to look for the trail, but Grant was frozen looking at me, but not saying anything. Eventually, I turned to look at the lake and a moment later I heard him say my name. I turned around and he was down on one knee with a beautiful ring and he asked me to marry him. It was such a special moment. Then we eventually found the trail.”

“Before we left the US, everyone kept telling me he was going to propose there and I kept denying it and said, “there is no way he would travel that far with a small piece of jewellery that could be easily lost.” Thus, I was incredibly, pleasantly surprised when it happened.”

Engaged couple in winter | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Square diamond engagement ring | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Engaged couple | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Engaged couple sitting in Beloit | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Can you tell us anything about your wedding?

“Our Wedding date is September 17, 2016. Our “dating” anniversary is December 16th. Grant wanted a fall wedding so I chose September because it will likely be the warmest fall month. Then we tried to pick a number near our dating anniversary to make the date even more meaningful – so the 17th it is!”

“Our ceremony will take place on the Abel Farm in Shirland, IL under a wooden pergola built by the groom. The Abel Farm was once a vast span of land owned by Grandpa and Grandma Abel. Grant and his brother Nick have many fond memories of growing up on the farm with their family. While Grandpa and Grandma Abel will only be there with us in spirit and the portion of land is a little smaller; we felt it was the perfect place to share our special moment with everyone.”

“Our reception will be held at the newly built Beloit Club. The walls are a neutral colour, the ceiling has beautiful wooden beams, plenty of large windows, a balcony to walk out on, and there is a large chandelier in the entryway.”

“Our colours are Navy, Crimson, Ivory, Brown, and Copper. The copper is very important to us because we will be using some real copper wire that belonged to my uncle, who was an electrician. My uncle and I grew up more like brother and sister because we were only 11 years apart in age and both raised by my grandparents (his parents). Unfortunately, he suddenly passed away last May due to an enlarged heart. Since he won’t physically be attending our wedding we thought the copper was a great way to honour him.”

“I would like to think of our theme it as an American heritage/romantic woodsy fairy tale – it sounds odd, but we wanted something unique and when it all comes together I think it will be wonderful and just what we were looking for. Overall, many of our wedding details are much more meaningful to us than just selecting what appeals to the eye, but I think that is what really brings us together and makes us perfect for each other.”

Engaged couple in Beloit | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Couple in Beloit | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Couple sitting in vintage car | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography

Couple in winter | Downtown Beloit | Nicole Lender Photography


Photography: Nicole Lender

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