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Five reasons every bride should invest in a wedding clutch

There are so many important things to think about when planning your big day, but all too often, one little detail gets overlooked. Today, we welcome to the blog Amy Clutterbuck, the owner of beautiful online vintage-inspired wedding accessories boutique, Vintage Styler, to make the case for the wedding clutch – and to explain why she believes every bride should invest in one.

They’re beautiful

There’s no point in tiptoeing around it – the fact is that clutch bags are simply gorgeous! A well-made wedding clutch bag is the perfect addition to your big day outfit, just by virtue of being a thing of beauty. Whether you’re a fan of metallic, bold statements or pretty pearl patterns, or anything in between, a wedding clutch is the perfect statement piece to carry with pride.

Wedding Clutches by Vintage Styler

They’re practical

What could be more reassuring than carrying around a little emergency kit to cover every potential wedding day hiccough? Maybe you’re not staying at the reception venue, or would rather not have to pop up to your room whenever you need something, and that’s when a clutch can come to your rescue. A clutch bag is just small enough to have on you all day and just big enough to store a mini sewing kit, hygiene products, a little lippie and anything else you might need to have to hand. I suggest making a list of everything you might need in miniature to pop into your clutch should you need to quickly remove a stain from your dress, repair an unexpected rip or just top up your perfume. Your clutch bag can give you real peace of mind so that you don’t need to rely on or look for someone else in case you need something at the last second.

White wedding clutch

They’re photogenic

We have established that clutch bags are beautiful statement pieces, so it should come as no surprise that they are also stunningly photogenic. Whether your wedding clutch is peeking out from behind your shoes and jewellery, perfectly placed next to a bottle of perfume or showing off all on its own (because it can absolutely pull off being the star of the show), you can be certain that your clutch bag will look incredible in your wedding album.

Red sparkle wedding clutch

They’re reusable

While you there might not be an appropriate occasion for you to re-wear a long white gown, without having it expertly dyed or altered, your wedding clutch is absolutely versatile. You can take it on outings it to all of your other formal occasions and give it a whole new lease of life as your go-to event purse. A great clutch is a long-term investment, but it’s also a wonderful way to carry a happy little reminder of your wedding day with you for years to come.

Unique wedding clutches

They can be passed on

A beautiful wedding clutch isn’t just a great investment for you, it’s also something that can be passed on to future brides. Your wedding clutch could one day be the perfect “something borrowed” for a close friend, a family member or even a future daughter.

A clutch might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to accessorise your wedding dress, but don’t underestimate it! A clutch is a gorgeous investment for your big day and for many more years to come.

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