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Review: Pengenna Manor, Cornwall

It is no secret to our readers that I love the South West, Devon and Cornwall have always felt like home to me. UWM recently attended the #CornwallWedMeetUp in Truro in November and took the opportunity to stay and catch up with 2 of our favourite Cornish venues. For the first night we stayed at The Alverton which Ricky has reviewed in this issue, and for our second night we went from Truro up across to near Port Isaac and the fabulous Pengenna Manor.

Based just outside Wadebridge, a stay in an 800-year-old manor house seemed a fitting end to our trip and the chance to unwind with friends in front of a roaring fire. Richard Blewett is the seventh generation of his family to live at Pengenna, a house steeped in history and rolling hills. Richard has spent the past two years transforming this stunning house from working farm to a fabulous wedding venue.

Outdoor Ceremony in Cornwall | Pengenna Manor

Ceremony room | Pengenna Manor

Wedding Venue in Cornwall

Although Richard spent his childhood here, his career took him in the direction of graphic design. Only upon his sisters engagement and desire to hold her wedding at the house, did Richard embark on becoming a wedding planner/host/visionary. This stunning house is located within a six-mile radius of ten parish churches, but it does hold a licence of its own, should you wish to have your whole dream wedding day here. Imagine taking those vows in a drawing room built during the reign of Elizabeth I

Richard becomes your dedicated wedding co-ordinator and can provide first-class catering, accommodation, ceremony space and more.

We are always delighted to visit venues and take a good look for ourselves and Pengenna does not disappoint. It is not often I stay somewhere and continue to be amazed and impressed; this is a venue that just keeps giving. The history is fascinating, and you do not have to be a history geek like myself to appreciate it. The house has had various additions over its 800-year history, with wing and wing being built. The house just oozes nooks and crannies, art, decor, original features – there is so much to absorb it is a wonderful eclectic mixture of styles and fashion.

Retro bridal suite | Pengenna Manor

Country House in Cornwall

Country House in Cornwall

I was lucky to be staying in the Bridal Suite, a rich colourful room with Art Deco greens and the most indulgent bathroom I have ever seen. Combine this with original thick Elizabethan walls, leaded windows, fireplace – this room is sumptuous and delightful, with a nostalgic nod to days gone bye.

The whole house is a veritable eye-opener, from the amazing ceremony space to the wooden pagoda where you can say your important ‘I do’s’ in front of friends and family.

We had a fabulous time here at Pengenna, spending the evening with Richard and guests Sarah and Toby Buckmaster from ER Stationery and The Artographer. A simple evening of nibbles, red wine and great conversation in front of a roaring fire. In the morning after a very hearty breakfast (Richard has the most amazing chef and deputy that works with wedding couples called Emma Davoust-Zangari), we went for a walk around the house to examine the grounds. I wanted to see the pheasant (they had looked so peaceful out of my bedroom window) and exploring the surrounds for myself, simply stunning.

Pengenna Manor Cornwall Venue Review 01

Countryside Wedding

Am I a huge fan of this venue? Absolutely yes! It gives you everything you need for the most exquisite and bespoke days of your life. Would I marry here? With no hesitation, yes. Of all the venues we have seen over the past 4 years, this one felt the most like home. I do not know if it is the house, the surrounds, the refinery or Richard, but put them all together and you have everything you will ever need for a memorable day.

For further information, visit the website:

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