Meaningful Wedding Favours

If you’re trying to think of ways to make sure your guests never forget about your special day why not look to nature to provide an answer? The Woodland Trust offers individual trees and larger areas of woodland that can be dedicated to your guests to say ‘thank you’ for attending your wedding.

Here are seven reasons to choose a Woodland Trust dedication as wedding favours for your guests.

1. You can choose a meaningful location

With hundreds of woods all over the UK available for dedications you can choose one that’s meaningful to you. Whether the wood is near your venue or where you first met, tree and woodland dedications are a more poignant way to thank your guests.

2. They last longer than sugared almonds

Tree and woodland dedications last for generations. For years to come you and your guests will know there is a tree or area of woodland dedicated to them that’s helping wildlife thrive somewhere in the UK. What sugared almonds can do that?

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3. They’re truly personal

Every dedication comes with a pack containing a personalised certificate, map, and information about the wood so your guests will have something to take home with them and keep after the big day. And once you have dedicated a tree or area of woodland to someone, it’s forever dedicated to them only.

4. They help UK woods and wildlife

All money raised from tree and woodland dedications goes towards the Woodland Trust’s aims of protecting, restoring and creating UK woods and the wildlife that lives there. You’ll be helping nature while giving your guests something truly unique and special.

5. They create a talking point

How many of your guests will have had a tree or area of woodland dedicated to them before? Probably not that many! Tree and woodland dedications create a talking point over dinner, and will ensure your wedding is remembered for years to come.

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6. You can watch your love grow

All Woodland Trust woods are free to visit so you and your guests can see the dedication whenever you want and watch it thrive. As a living, growing testament to your love, tree and woodland dedications are the perfect favours to give your wedding a naturally romantic touch.

7. They give you somewhere to remember your special day

As the years go by tree and woodland dedications remain a beautiful and natural monument to your wedding day and the memories you make. They’re a wonderful place to visit with friends, family, and maybe even future family members to remember your big day.

To start your tree or woodland dedication visit the Woodland Trust shop.

To find out more, click here or call 0330 333 5302.