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Picking your wedding venue

Allianz Park Banqueting Sales Manager, Daniella Lewis, shares her top tips on choosing the very best wedding venue for your big day!

As a wedding organiser, I often will get asked for the top five tips brides should ask their venues. This is such a varied subject and can often lead me to express a hundred different views on various topics to do with venues. I have tried to narrow these down to my top five that should help with the nitty gritty of picking a venue.

1. Make sure you know what is included: A lot of venues are somewhat wishy-washy with what is actually included in the price. It may seem a simple enough request but make sure you know exactly how many chairs are included or exactly what time you can entry? Clarifying this early on can make for a much simpler build up and planning of the day!

2. What is the actual cost? Again, this seems pretty simple but does your venue include their VAT cost or is VAT cost on top of everything. The word VAT may conjure up the idea of pennies and pounds but this can cost thousands on top of the cost so remember, Vat is 20% on top of the base cost! Do not be fooled by a ‘cheaper’ venue who adds VAT.

Wedding at Allianz Park with purple lighting

Wedding Ceremony at Allianz Park London

3. What area can I use? A lot of venues will place certain restrictions on where you can go within the venue so make sure you know ahead of time what where you can go within the venue and grounds. Can I take photographs outside? Can I stand on this platform? Do I have exclusive use of the venue? The last thing a venue wants is for you to get a nasty surprise on the day if you see an unfamiliar face!

4. What about my decoration? A very familiar question I get asked is “Can I use Haze when the bride and groom enter?” My answer would be no as it affects our smoke alarm but I wouldn’t want a Bride and Groom to be disappointed with what they can and can’t use so make sure you know this from the start, especially if there are design elements that are critical to your overall theme.

5. What theme does the venue lend itself too? You wouldn’t believe the amount of brides that come and see Allianz Park and are looking for a country manor house venue with a boho theming. Anyone that see’s Allianz Park knows we do not fit in with this is anyway! Be very clear from the beginning what theming your venue fits in with and what will work. No one wants to have their heart set on a theme and try and make the venue fit in with this, rather than the other way around!

Hopefully, this bit of advice can help stressed couples look for the right start for wedding planning!

Allianz Park, the home of Saracen’s rugby, is a beautiful, world-class stadium that can house weddings and celebrations ranging in size from 50 people up to 1200 people. Click here to visit Allianz Park on the Ultimate Wedding Collective.

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