The right jewellery to take you from proposal to honeymoon

Please welcome Ali Brownrigg of Blue Nile to UWM! This is the first of many guest blogs and we want to hear what you’d like to know about wedding jewellery. Please leave a comment below on what you’d like Ali to focus on next month!

We all know that weddings—and the time leading up to them—involve a lot of events. And all those events require an outfit with appropriate accessories. In the spirit of keeping your head in the wedding planning game, we’ve assembled some surefire hits for those finishing touches.

The Engagement Party

If you’re having one, an engagement party is a great time to introduce friends and family who will be involved in the wedding planning from here on out. Typically, these are cocktail parties or more casual affairs, so adding a pop of colour or drama to your earlobes is a great option that won’t distract from your new engagement ring—because you know that’s what everyone will want to ogle.

Lapis Earrings by Blue Nile

Lapis Statement Earrings in Sterling Silver

The Planning

For your cake tasting, linen selecting, and registry shopping appointments, stick to what works for you by finding a few easy pieces to keep on rotation. Timeless, everyday, tried-and-true jewellery will keep you looking effortlessly put-together even in the most stressful buttercream decision dilemmas.

Rings Pendant by Blue Nile

Infinity Rings Pendant in 14K Tri-Colour Gold

The Dress Shopping

Doing some dress shopping? Unless there’s a very specific piece of jewellery you know for sure you’re going to wear on the big day (in which case, bring it with you), keep it simple. You’ll be in and out of dresses with lots of hooks, lace, or straps, and the last thing you want is to get your jewellery caught in a crinoline. If you feel bare without something, try simple stud earrings on for size, but go for a neutral pair without prongs that can snag.

Bead Earrings by Blue NileBead Earrings in Sterling Silver

The Shower

Your bridal shower, traditionally a daytime event hosted by your closest ladies, is a time to honour you. Feel free to play up a feminine side, or flash some unique details, whatever makes you feel special, and don’t be afraid to get a little dolled up.

Sapphire Bar by Blue Nile

Sapphire Pavé Bar Necklace in 14K White Gold

The Hen Party

Whether it’s a night out on the town or a weekend getaway, your bachelorette party calls for fun. This is a chance to go bold with your jewellery and make a statement that pumps up the volume. If you’re going with a little black dress, try a bright colour. If you’re wearing a pop of colour in your outfit, keep the jewellery more muted. Either way, go with a dramatic necklace or armful of party-ready bracelets.

Multi Gemstone Necklace by Blue NileMulti-Gemstone Statement Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold

The Rehearsal Dinner

Think of your rehearsal dinner as a V.I.P. event for your bridal party. After practising your roles in the impending ceremony at your venue, this is a touching last hurrah for close friends and family before the main event. Luminous pearls and sparkling diamonds make a perfect photo-ready accent.

Pearl Strand by Blue NileClassic Akoya Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace in 18K White Gold

The Big Day

Your big day is finally here! The jewellery you choose to wear on your wedding day should be two things. First, it should be special. Whether that’s an heirloom piece, a new something blue, or a gift from your significant other, meaningful is the name of the game. Second, it should be extra flattering and reflective of your personal style, because your ceremony and day-of will be the most photographed event in the whole process. Mix old with new, leave your watch at home, and don’t distract from your dress with too many pieces. And of course, don’t forget the rings!

Colin Cowie Bracelet by Blue NileColin Cowie Diamond and Sapphire Infinity Bracelet in 14K White Gold

The Reception

If you’re changing outfits for the reception or want to swap a ceremony piece for something a bit more fun and dance floor ready, try jewellery in a similar style but scaled back in size, or a piece with a bit more colour.

Three-Stone Diamond Pendant by Blue Nile

Three-Stone Drop Diamond Pendant in 18K Rose Gold

The Honeymoon

So, you’re off on your honeymoon, in which case destination is the key factor in determining your jewellery wardrobe. If you’re travelling far and wide, we’d recommend leaving the fancy stuff (including your diamond ring) back home, or making sure it’s insured (which is a good idea anyway). If you still want to sparkle a bit or have a reason to dress up on your big vacay, here are a few of our favourites.

Honeymoon Jewellery by Blue Nile

1. Mini Circle Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold / 2. Mini Diamond Vertical Bar Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold / 3. Petite Ruby Floral Stud Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold / 4. Byzantine Bracelet in Sterling Silver / 5. Seven Strand Necklace in Sterling Silver / 6. Twist Teardrop Earrings in Sterling Silver