My Sister’s Wedding

Allianz Park Banqueting Sales Manager, Daniella Lewis, shares how she’s been helping her Sister with wedding planning and choosing the perfect venue!

My sister recently got engaged and I have therefore I have been sucked into the world of weddings!

The 3 most important aspects (in my eyes are the date, location, venue) so I am going to give you a brief insight into what we did for my sister).

The first part that was most important for my gorgeous sister was the date.

She is a summer baby and therefore it was in was always inevitable that it would be in this season, however, the specific month was massively debated.

Some family members saw July to be the best due to fewer people being on holiday whereas others argued of August was best due to everyone’s mood usually being at their peak!

It was agreed in the end that the beginning of August was the best compromise so it was onto the next task – location.

Some of my friends have always been set on the type of wedding they will have, whether it be a country manor house or a central London grand hotel, however, my sister had never really thought about it, so we were starting from scratch! There was much umming and arring about the location, do you choose convenience over desire?!

We have always been a family that absolutely loved France, especially the Southern French countryside so although it was more effort for guests to arrive, once there it was thought it would be the most magical place of them all.

I completely agreed with this decision – we have been going to France since I was born and we have such fond memories there, as done my sister’s fiancé.


Right, date and location decided – onto the specific venue.

This was easy. Once France was decided it was undeniable that the local village we have been for years was going to be the choice. It’s a remote village with the most stunning old church and breathtaking views over the rolling mountains. As soon as France was decided I immediately pictured my sister standing in front of the view in her wedding dress and it made the day suddenly much more real, giving me a sudden wave of emotion!

Most important decisions made. This was when my role decreased slightly. I wasn’t the only bridesmaid and therefore the flowers and décor pressure was given to one of her university friends (thank god!) and of course our mother who had her nose in every area under the sun!

It was such a fantastic experience being able to help my sister out and watch her get more and more excited (sometimes nervous!) about her wedding day and it really made me realise how important the day is.

It was made me start planning my own (although some would say I need to find a partner first….!).

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