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Cutomizing your dining experience


Mary Cline, the Regional Director of Catering Sales at Wolfgang Puck Catering, shares how the team customizes the dining experience for each of our weddings to be a true reflection of the couple.

Chef Wolfgang Puck started catering for guests’ events years ago, always with the commitment that our catering services will provide an experience on par with Wolfgang’s legendary fine dining restaurants. Events may happen in one of our iconic venues – modern, traditional, outdoors – or a home or even a remote location with no infrastructure. In any setting, the Wolfgang Puck Catering team will deliver exceptional food and beverage, artful presentation and attentive service.

We work with couples from all over the world and when a couple comes in to discuss their ideas for the perfect wedding menu, we always ask them to tell us their story so we can pull inspiration from where they grew up, how they met or what they enjoy most.

Wedding Canapés | Wolfgang Puck

1. Cultural Fusion: We had a couple who fused together their two cultures to create a Chinese-Italian menu! Think pasta dishes with Asian-style meatballs, Asian-style dumplings in an Italian broth, and sesame garlic bread.

2. Localized Flair: We had one wedding with two brides hailing from each coast – San Francisco and Washington, DC. We created a menu that gave nods to fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients, along with an enormous emphasis on wine pairings.

3. Dietary Restrictions Always Allowed: One wedding was entirely gluten-free for all 225 guests so we designed dishes which will appeal to everyone and taste delicious. We even had a series of gluten free cakes made representing important parts of their lives which served as centerpieces on some of the tables.

4. Non-Traditional Timelines: For a recent wedding in Los Angeles, we flipped the traditional timetable of the wedding to accommodate the bride’s Colombian and groom’s Jewish traditions. Guests arrived at the venue and joined the bride and groom for a two-hour cocktail reception before they changed into their wedding gown and tux and made their way down the aisle. A full dinner was then served after the ceremony and customized late-night snacks were on hand to keep guests dancing during the traditional Colombian Hora Loca, or “Crazy Hour”.

Wedding Cocktails | Wolfgang Puck

5. From Your Recipe Book to Our Kitchen: For a recent wedding, the bride and groom requested their grandmothers’ signature desserts to be served at their wedding. We weren’t going to ask Nana to bake for hundreds of guests, so our chefs worked with each grandmother to perfect their family recipe and we presented it beautifully on the big day.

6. You Won’t Lose with No Booze: We had a Mormon couple who really wanted to give their guests a unique experience when it came to their reception, but we knew that serving alcohol was not an option. Our team worked with the couple to create a series of signature “mocktails”, spa waters, and fresh juices to keep things interesting around the bar.

Wolfgang Puck Catering continues to set the standard for culinary excellence, bringing our team’s legendary combination of innovative cuisine and refined service to a number of cities nationwide including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington D.C.

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