77 Diamonds presents ‘The Perfect Match’

With National Proposal Day fast approaching, March 20th, 77 Diamonds launched a competition to find 3 couples to take part in their exclusive competition ‘The Perfect Match’.

A survey from 77 diamonds actually revealed 80% of people in a relationship would not be completely confident in buying their partner engagement ring without them seeing it.

In a bid to win a £10,000 diamond, 77 Diamonds filmed 3 couples; Ali and Ed, James and Fay and Holly and Ed to see if the men would be able to pick out the desired ring of their partner.

It’s rare we get to see the process that goes on behind closed doors when it comes to picking the engagement ring, but ‘The Perfect Match’ allows us to have a little glimpse into the emotional rollercoaster a man goes through to pick the perfect engagement ring for his partner.

The three couples were all invited down to the 77 Diamonds London showroom, where they were split up and the woman selected her dream ring, and her partner choosing the ring he believed his other half would want. The couple who got the closest match would be awarded the £10,000 diamond, to be set in a jewellery type of their choice.

With an expectant partner to impress and a once in a lifetime diamond up for grabs, the stakes are high.

You can see how the couples got on here: 77diamonds.com