The ultimate relaxing and luxurious wedding gift

These days many newlyweds often set up home prior to getting married. So when it comes to family and friends finding them the ideal wedding present, they’re often left scratching their heads, searching for ideas of what to buy because many home items will have already been purchased.

With the average wedding guest spending in the region of £20 per head on a wedding gift, if family and friends were to collectively put their wedding gift money together, then the total contribution could soon mount up. So why not suggest to your loved ones, that they club together and get you your very own spa, which would be the ultimate luxury wedding gift.

This would also be a present, which you could share with them, enabling you to all spend happy times together creating precious memories that you will all cherish for the future.

HotSpring World offers an amazing selection of Spas, to suit all budgets and starting from just £2795. To add the icing on the wedding cake, they even offer 0% finance deals. So if the gift contributions from family and friends do not collectively arrive at the figure of your desired hot tub, this 0% finance can really help. This means that the remaining amount can be paid in easy stage payments, giving you the chance to start married life as you mean to go on, enjoying the wonderful relaxation which having your own spa could give.

Imagine enjoying a rejuvenating Hydrotherapy massage in the comfort of your own home or garden, whenever you choose. The health benefits of being able to de-stress are immense as there is nothing better for your health than being able to relax away the stresses and strains of the day. This is all possible when you have your own Hot Tub!

HotSpring World also offers a range of amazing accessories to compliment their spas. One of which is a Spa Butler. This floating drinks tray is sure to add some cool fizz to your spa relaxation, as it not only holds your chilled bottle of bubbly, but carries high quality plastic champagne flutes too. Now that’s what you call spa pampering!

Also getting your own spa could potentially help to increase the value of your home, as with input from BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the stunning ‘Highlife NXT Collection’, looks absolutely incredible. This range of hot tubs has state-of-the-art under cabinet lighting to add extra sparkle into your life brightening up your home!

Ambient lighting is also provided by their ‘Luminescence’ multi-colour four zone system, which coupled with the stunning ‘BellaFontana’ water feature, gives you 3 illuminated arcs of soothing warm water, which will dazzle you and your guests!

The lighting systems are all easily controlled remotely using the control panel so you can simply relax whilst your Hot Tubs beauty is illuminated for all to see!

HotSpring World has highly trained staff who will help you at every stage of your Hot Tub ownership. You can even book a ‘test soak’ at their showrooms, which are open 7 days a week. To experience for yourself the wellbeing benefits of spa pampering visit today and make your Hot Tub ownership dreams come true!