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Wedding Reception Horror Stories

Table 19 Movie Poster

On April 7th Anna Kendrick graces the big screen once more in the hilarious new comedy Table 19. Weddings are a fun and joyous time; meeting new people, seeing loved ones and having a glass or two to give you confidence to hit the dance floor in style.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always pan out as imagined, as discovered in Table 19 by ex-maid of honour Eloise (Anna Kendrick). After being unceremoniously dumped (by text!) by the best man, she holds her head high and still attends the wedding of one of her oldest friends, only to find herself sat at the ‘random’ table at the back alongside those who probably should have RSVP’d their regrets (but not before sending something nice off the registry).

Also starring Lisa Kudrow and Stephen Merchant, Table 19 proves that though things may not always go to plan, friendships – and even a little romance – can happen under the most unlikely circumstances.

In (maid-of) honour of the film we’ve trawled through the internet and have rounded up a bouquet of wedding reception horror stories that will make that time you had one too many and hit on your friends new father-in-law seem not so bad.

“At a wedding last summer, one of the bride’s cousins actually tackled another woman to grab the bouquet—flashing all of the guests in the process—and later sobbed in the elevator about how it should have been her getting married that night.”

“We had 450 people at our wedding, so it was a little hard to keep track of who was there. A woman had crashed our wedding and ended up finding a seat right next to my husband’s best friend! He thought she was a good friend of mine, so he chatted with her through dinner. She ended up getting so drunk she threw up all over the table and him. The venue manager found us and told us what had happened, and we had her thrown out of the wedding. But that’s not where it ends: On her way out she decided to steal a bottle of wine from the bar!”

“We had a small (75 people) destination wedding. The worst guest, by far, was my husband’s best friend (now former best friend). She had quite a candle burning for him. It was bad.

She tried to photobomb every candid photo of my husband and me. I’m really upset that she ruined our guest mat- one of my family members, a WWII POW, had signed it, and passed away a few months later, and we can’t hang it in our home because she wrote to my husband “me love you long time” on it.”

Table 19 Movie

“My aunt attends the wedding in her sweats, and when it’s time for speeches, she unexpectedly gets up and takes the mic. She thanks everyone for coming to HER event and proceeds to tell everyone how hard she worked on it (she had not done a single thing until that day, and even then she did next to nothing) and goes on to promote her “party planning business”.

She literally got up there and told everyone that if they liked what they saw, they could contact her for event planning services. My mom and I were furious, as was my sister, who got up and took the mic and went on to thank HER family who had worked nonstop for months to put this together.’”

Table 19 Movie

“I do a little wedding photography on the side, and at one ceremony I shot last year, the inebriated bride had forgotten she was wearing crotchless panties when she playfully hooked her leg up onto the groom’s shoulder as he kneeled in front of her. The guests got quite a show, and the whole thing was immortalized in film.”

“The son of the groom caught the garter and the daughter of the bride caught the bouquet. The groom then proceeded to help his son put the garter on his new stepsister.”

“The hotel brought the wrong main meal during the reception, and rather than just shrug it off and get compensation later, the bride insisted they cook the whole thing from scratch. For 100 people.

This essentially brings the reception to an end as now all the guests have to wait an extra 2-3 hours to get dinner, pushing back the speeches to the end of the night. The evening guests waited in the bar all night, then went home without ever seeing the happy couple. There was no time for dancing.

That marriage didn’t last.”

Table 19 hits UK cinemas April 7

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