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Real Techniques

I absolutely love my job, not just because we have the most amazing readers and fabulous clients but because I get to test products! I am easily the most vocal member of the UWM team when a box arrives in the office! I grabbed this one with delight as Sam and Nic from Real Techniques had sent us some of their brushes to test. As an MUA I am always playing with new beauty products and had heard so much about this range I wanted to see how it stacked up against my very expensive kit bag!

Firstly these are probably the most affordable brushes I have yet found with an enormous range and yet beautifully styled. However, this means nothing if they cannot do the job! My brushes are monochrome and these look rather lush against the rest of my kit!

My big worry when testing new brushes is how do they absorb the product, do they feel soft and do they shed? Hoorah! No shedding, soft enough for my skin and they evenly distribute the product with no saturation (although I have read that in order to maintain this silky performance you must undergo thorough cleaning; which I do regularly with all of my kit).

I love the way these brushes feel on my skin and in my hand – which may sound silly but whether you are a beginner or stalwart it is important they feel comfortable and easy to use.

I was sent an array to test from their MultiTech Collection – from primer to highlighting, bronzing to base – I had everything in my hands to create ‘the look’. Some of their products come in their own stand so once cleaned you have a neat place for them to dry. The brushes are graded in size from XXXS down to XL, taper cut for multiple use.

The company was started by sisters Sam & Nic Chapman who both are experienced industry professionals. They have the most amazing tutorials on YouTube and their company has been formed out of love and an understanding for a good quality product that doesn’t cost the earth. These products are seen regularly in the glossys and are now available worldwide! These girls have gone beyond producing a product, they are inspiring and educating.

For further information on Real Techniques and to purchase online, visit the website,

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