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Black Swan Whimsical Shoot

We’ve seen many of styled shoots over the years and the ones that stand out are formed from stories. This photo shoot is no different and utterly stunning. We hope you enjoy!

Excerpt from The Diary of Ana’s Nin Volume 1: 1931-1934 “As June walked towards me from the darkness of the garden into the light of the door, I saw for the first time the most beautiful woman on earth. A startling face, burning dark eyes, a face so alive I felt it would consume itself before my eyes.

Years ago I tried to imagine true beauty; I created in my mind an image of just such a woman. I had never seen her until last night.

Yet I knew long ago the phosphorescent colour of her skin, her huntress profile, the evenness of her teeth. She is bizarre, fantastic, like someone in a high fever. Her beauty drowned me. As I sat before her, I felt I would do anything she asked of me.”

From the photographer, Sotiris Tsakanikas, “What is there to be said when the beauty of a bride-to-be manifests itself in simplicity and candour. Bridal couture thrives in amazing, intricate handiwork, adornments, accents, palettes and of course the ever so emblematic white. But what if we decide to be reductive of all trimmings? With a focus on naturalness, this captured on film photo shoot, drew inspiration from the principles of 1907 Lumière Autochrome reversal film, which yielded bright colours and showed what exactly was captured on film.

This bridal boudoir soaked in soft light, calls on the notions of chastity and purity derived not by ample whites and ivories, but from the class and rigour of its exact opposite. A black swan of a woman portrayed sharp and refined, but at the same time with a subtle and tender air du temps.”


Calligraphy: Sashu Bu / Decor Assitance: Evgeniya Dargun / Dress: Asos / Flowers and Decor: Bianco Weddings / Mask: Sibo Designs / Model: Victoria Lutterodt / MUAH: Lidija Malinovskaja / Official Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab / Photography: Sotiris Tsakanikas /  Photography: The Cab Look Foto Lab / Venue: Villa Vigna Contarena / Wedding Planner: Anastasia Aslanyan

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