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Choosing the perfect venue for you

Congratulations on your engagement; now the fun begins! The first thing you will do is decide where you want to get married and when. With so many options available it is hard to make this decision! Here are some questions to consider when choosing your venue and things to ask before you book! Let us know your favourite type of venue by voting in our poll below.


Have a list of potential dates available, never set your heart on just one as it may not be available.

Does your wedding have to be on a Saturday which is often the premium rate, or can it be mid-week or a Sunday (depending on course if you are having a church or civil ceremony)?

Will you have exclusive use of the venue or will there be others taking place?

How disability friendly is your venue?

What is the capacity of the venue? Will you be able to include all of your nearest and dearest?

Modern Wedding Venue Style

Questions to ask

Does your venue have an on-sight coordinator and will they actually be there on the day?

If booking a package, check to see what this includes ie linen/corkage etc – you do not want those hidden extras to make the day unaffordable later on in the planning process.

Can you use your own suppliers or do you have to use suppliers from their recommend list? If you have to use their list, ask how the suppliers were chosen on that list.

Do your suppliers need to provide certain paperwork to the venue ie insurance/pac testing?

Who is setting the venue up? Is this included in the package?

Timings – setting up/ceremony/food/first dance etc (and taking down the following day)

Parking – is there sufficient for your guests?

What time does the party have to end and are there noise restrictions?

Accommodation – do they have a preferred rate for your guests or do you need to look at additional nearby hotels/B&Bs?

What restrictions are there on entertainment ie fireworks?

Can your venue cater for guests with food intolerances?

Menu suggestions – can you go and test prior to choosing (excellent idea!)


How much deposit does the venue require to secure the booking?

Do they have a payment schedule to help you budget?

Check the T&C’s for their cancellation policy (circumstances beyond your control)

If you’re searching for the perfect venue, check out the beautiful venues on our Ultimate Wedding Collective. Tap here to visit the website.

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